not pg yet but cramping more each month. Why?
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jd - July 27

Hi guys I went off the pill in Jan and never had cramps before. last few months starting day 20 or 21 of a 23 to 28 day cycle i have been cramping. This month they started on day 18 and were quite bad. I am not pregnant af showed up this week but what might be the cause of all of a sudden getting cramps. Was only on the pill for 6 months (tried 3 different types and all messed me up in different ways). Any ideas?


TS - July 28

hi, the same thing happened to me, went off the pill last year and progessively each month got cramps. i ended up having endo and needing 2 laparoscopies. Now i have no cramping.


jd - July 28

TS, well i just had some ultrasounds done so i guess if i have endo the doc will tell me when i meet with him in a couple weeks. thanx for your thoughts.



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