Not ovulating? How can you tell?
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Julie - July 26

How can you tell if you might not be ovulating? I chart my bbt and have been trying for about 4 months past a mc in March. I am 38 years old, so time is of the essence. IF your temperatures change does that positively mean your ovary released an egg or does it just mean that the progesterone has increased which increases the bbt??? Does anyone know???


D. - July 27


You might want to get an online account with and use that service (they have a free one you can do). It's easier than charting your own. It actually lets you know when you ovulate, when to test, whether you covered your bases by having sex on the best days, and when you might expect to get your period. But for now, if you have had several pre-ovulatory temperatures, and then you see an increase of .2 or better for at least three days in a row, it's a pretty good bet you ovulated. Progesterone won't increase UNLESS you release that egg because it's the corpus luteum that is created after you ovulate that produces the progesterone. So, no corpus luteum, no progesterone increase. Does this help?


KellyN - July 27

Oh yes! I'm on Fertility Friend and love it. It is very easy to use!! -kelly


D. - July 27

If Fertilityfriend isn't giving you an O date, then you probably haven't yet. What cycle day are you on? By the way, I'm 39 so I hear that time ticking too!


Julie - July 27

D. Thanks for your thoughts. I'm not sure how helpful fertility friend would be for me because my cycles are between 21 and 28 days, no real pattern, so I have a large range of possible O days. Your information about the progesterone is very helpful. I keep reading that maybe you aren't ovulating.......but if what you said is true, the corpus luteum triggers the increase in progesterone, then I should be fine. Every cycle I have an increase in temp of .4 to.6 degrees and it stays up until next period. So, that means I"m ovulating right? I think sooo, thank you!!


Chas - July 27

Julie, I just went to the Dr. and he wants me to start charting to see if I ovulate. So, he says that if there is a spike in temp you definately ovulate. It's only a degree or 1/2 a degree. (very small change)


J - July 27

I'm 39 and started my investigative cycles with the fertility clinic this week. I was bbt'ing for 7 months and sure i was ovulating due to the spike in temps, a also had the dip right before ovulation, opk's saying they find the luteniezing hormone etc etc. and everything to me showed yup i'm ovulating.....WELL.,.... since my periods fluctuates usually about day 25 but goes anywhere from 23 to 28 days he says there is a highly probably chance there are ovulation problems. Doesn't have to be anything serious but he really believes he will find something with our investigations regarding my ovulation. Not to scare you just so you dont keep getting your hopes up that you definately are ovulating. I will get all the results back after cycle day 21 when i review with the doc about me and my hubbies stuff.


D. - July 27


Would you be willing to share your chart? Here's what mine looks like:


cut and paste it to a browser and you can see what my chart looks like. It's a definite ovulatory cycle.


Julie - July 27

I don't have a chart. I just keep a notebook at home. My cycles are pretty irregular. Fluctuate between 21 and 28 days....


D. - July 27

Sorry Julie. I got you and Kelly confused. I would really suggest trying FF (fertilityfriend). If your cycles are fluctuating between 21 and 28 days something is off. They should be pretty consistently a number of days (the majority of mine are 27 days). If you set up your account, you can plug in your chart and see what the software has to say. Take a look at mine and you can see what I mean. But something isn't right for such a large fluctuation.


kmd - July 28

A BBT shift that stays high, doesn't positively mean ovulation happened--it just means that your body is releasing progesterone(maybe with ovulation, maybe a pre-mature cyst with not ovulation) This is coming from my doctor and he stated the only way to know for sure if O happened is to have a progesterone blood test 7 days past the day you think you ovulated. I've been tracking my temps on fertility friend for last 2 cycles and consistently it states that ovulation is happening on day 34 of my 48 day cycle---so this month I'm going to have my progesterone levels drawn after my BBT shift to try and confirm. Hope this info helps some.


To KMD - July 28

You might to get a second opinion after you hear what he has to say. A corpus luteum is the only way to get progesterone production. And a corpus luteum ONLY exists if you ovulated. Now, HCG is a different story. There are cysts that can give you a false positive on a pregnancy test. But I have never heard, in all 4 years of my research and working with 5 different REs, that a cyst has ever caused a sustained temp shift due to progesterone production. Not questioning you, but your doc. I'm not a real fan of doctors. I often find that if I research what they're saying, I can always find holes in their ideas.


kmd - July 28

maybe i DO need to go to a specialist-no one can figure out why my cycle has shifted to 48 days long--with a temp. rise the last 14 days(sounds like ovulation to me--what do y'all think?) I wouldn't be complaining about such a long cycle if we weren't trying to get pregnant---waiting util day 34 O is beginning to drive me nuts! Blood work normal and HSG okay, still don't know what's going on though--uggg! Any insight???


D. - July 28

It's definitely time to see a specialist. Even if just for bloodwork. A late ovulation can mean eggs that can't be fertilized well. It can be as bad as too early an ovulation. If your doctor isn't concerned take it to someone who is.


POOKIE25 - April 10

hi i wanna know even if u not ovulating does IUI treatment can help u get pregnant or sperm donor may help you get pregnant



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