Not Ovulating!!!!!!!!!!Clomid Didn't Work :(
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Jackie - January 6

I just had my first round of clomid mid December. I had a blood test done yesterday to see if I am ovulating and it was neg. I was originally prescribed 50mg of clomid. My doctor now prescribed 100mg. Has anyone had a similar situation and had it work for them? I am 30 years old with a 9 year old son. I have been trying for a year to conceive and nothing! I thought I was doing the right thing by waiting until I was able to have a second child and thought it was going to be as easy as the first time. How wrong I was!!!!!! Any advice or success stories will be great encouragement.


f - January 6

i have been on clomid for 8 months now and nothing!!!! keep trying, its early days for you yet


KOKI - January 6

no real answers for u (F) said just keep trying, however stress is not good, not good at all, try, if you can to relax and let things happen (easier said than done i know that 4 sure) hang in and think positive. my heart go's out to you. x


Julia - March 11

I was on 50mg of clomid and i am now on day27 of my cycle and i am still not ovulating . I ovulate 4xs a yr, so the dr prescribed the clomid. I have heard that it take longer to ovulate then most people b/c of the clomid. My dr. wants me to wait till day 35 of my cycle to see if i get my period, but i think i should have o'd by now. He will than increase it to 100mg. Good Luck!


Mary - March 11

Tri Metformin, It can help you ovulate. It's working for me so faR


Kelly - March 12

I got pregnant with 150 mg. with my first child. I am now trying to get pregnant again and clomid did not work for me this time. I am currently taking fertility shots. Maybe clomid would work for you if they increased your dose to 150mg. Good Luck


Jessica - July 12

I didn't ovulate on 50 mg then I did on 100. Month three 100 mg didn't work. Month 4 was 150 and it worked but no pg still. 150 mg didn't work month 5. Now we'll move up again. Hang in there.


Nena - July 12

For me Humegon injections worked very well. Good Luck ;o)


Kelly C - July 12

Hi Jackie, I am 38 and took 50mg of clomid and did not ovulate (prog. showed 5.7). I went up to 100mg the next month and ovulated (prog. 16.5). So, don't give up. I00mg may work for you too :)! I hope so and baby blessings to you ~~~~


valerie - August 9

I am very frustrated with the whole Clomid thing. I just finished 3 cycles of it at 50 mg, 100 mg, and 100 mg...and I tested for ovulation every day and NOTHING!!! My fertility Dr. still wants me to have "a few more good clomid cycles" before I'm allowed to try anything else...!!! Frustrated. I don't even have a first child yet. Good luck to you


A. - August 9

What do they test for to see if you are ovulating? Does an LH surge definitely mean you are ovulating?



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