Not ovulating?
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kmoser - June 26

I've gone from Dr to Dr and I finally have found a Dr that I think will help me in getting pregnant soon. I'm 29 years old and don't have time to spare because I feel like I'm getting old and should already be having children. After 6 years of trying my new OBGYN has discovered that I have not been ovulating because I have low progesterone. I'm currently taking clomid and I was wondering if clomid still helps a woman get pregnant even though they're low on progesterone if not what are some things that I can do besides taking supplements and drugs that have side effects?


Neuza - June 26

Hi Kmoser, i am 29 as well & i am trying to getting pregnant for the past 3.5 years. I was diagnosed with PCOS & i am on my 3 rd of clomid. I meet a lady with the same problem as u & she got pregnant on her second rd of clomid. Therefore i am assuming that drug helps. Best of luck.


kmoser - June 26

Thank you so much for your response Neuza! I really appreciate it! Good luck to you too!


slowpoke01 - June 28

hey kmoser my progesterone last month was 12.1 and this month i took clomid just got the results back today and it was 25.8 so definitely makes you ovulate as my progesterone doubled since i was on clomid they told me last month that they wanted my progesterone to be over 15 so the clomid helped me get it over and this is my first month using clomid i am 28 years old and i will be able to tell you thursday whether i am pregnant or not good luck


Betzy - July 1

Hi Kmoser, I haven't taken clomid yet but I am supposed to start in september. I am not ovulating either, I took a blood test last week around the time I should have already ovulated and my progesterone level turned out to be 1.1 ( very low). The doctor then decided that clomid should be the next step for me, so I guess it can help you get preg even if you low progesterone. We are going to ttc in September. Hope clomid works for you, good luck!!



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