not getting pregnant, unbelievable....
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gracie - November 19

I am so concerned. I have been Pregnant three times. the first was when I was 18 and i aborted it. The second was about 3 years ago, and the third, well she is 4 months old. we have been trying again for a third since I had my last and its been 4 months. I dont know why. I am so worried. I cant believe that I am suddenly infertale. We are having sex quite a bit, but my husband is not sure about wanting another baby right away and isnt as keen on sex as he used to be. I want to have 3, I am the third of children from my parents and so are both of them. I feel that is the appropriate number. I need to get pregnant again asap and would really appriciate your ladies advice on things that work. thank u so much for reading and responding.. gracie.


gracie - November 19

Oh- I hope i dont offend anyone, I am just looking for someone in a similar situation to me.. I know having had an abortion is upsetting to some. and I apoligize for hurting anyone... thank you for all honest advice.. gracie


Tink - November 19

i would give it more time. i've been trying for my first for almost 2 years now. most docs won't see you until you have been trying on your own for at least a year. 4 months really isn't very long, especially since you just had a baby 4 months ago. you are probably still healing and your body probably isn't ready just yet. i wouldn't worry until you are past a year. most of the folks on here have been at it a year or long. just give it time.


Tracy88 - November 19

Many perfectly healthy women take a while to get PG. My sister in law took 9 months to get PG. It will happen, just be patient.


lovemy3 - November 19

I have had 3 kids ages 11,5 and 3 and have been ttc#4 for almost 1 yr now with no luck. My first 3 were literally concieved in the 1st month of ttc, no problem...boom just pregnant. Now nothing and no ideas why , just not happening. Sometimes these things just happen. Good luck.


slowpoke01 - November 21

gracie i read that your last baby was 4 months old. are you breastfeeding? i know that breastfeeding can cause some women not to ovulate. this may be the problem.


lovemy3 - December 8

Gracie, how are things going?


Kay75 - December 8

you aborted a baby i dont think you should have ever been able to get pg after do you feel knowing you killed your baby?i could not live with something like that.the baby you killed would be how old today?you would have 3 now if you did not have your baby murdered.


Kay75 - December 8

sorry i should keep those kind of comments to myself.4 months is not long to be trying at to you.


star_4_baby - December 8

Hi i just discovered this site and i am new and TTC first time ...first you are lucky to have 4months old baby and if you are breastfeeding than your harmones are messed up which will take little time to come to normal and maybe later would be a right time to concieve and if you are trying and not conceving it also means naturally your body is not should realise that everything happens for a reason...about you hubby he must have concentrated alot before ...but now that you have a baby who is so young your hubby want to waite... i think before trying again for another one also give him time when both of you are stressed out it will be immposible to concieve....think about it ...good luck


slowpoke01 - December 8

kay- shut up and get off this site. noone wants you stupid advice. you want to judge everyone else maybe that is why you arent getting pregnant. ever thought of that. maybe you being so judgemental god knows that he doesnt want to put a child through that. anyway get a life and leave everyone alone.


marhar7106 - December 8

Wow! That was pretty harsh! I thought we were all on here to help each other and support each other. She made a mean comment, but she did come back and apologize. I don't really think making her feel like she won't have a baby because of it is really mature of you. I wish EVERYONE on here ttc the best of luck and baby dust!


Sweetpea - December 8

4 months is definately not considered infertile. I know its stressful, but try to give it time. Your hormones are probably still out of whack from having the baby, sometimes it takes a little time for them to calm down. If you're husband isn't sure maybe you need to wait, theres no reason to have your kids stakced in ages... spend some time with the baby you have and enjoy. I want three as well but I would give anyhting just to have one.


star_4_baby - December 9

3 is my ideal number too but i still have to concieve my first one....dont worry gracie everything happens on time and its good to listen to your hubby now he maybe right about rushing into another pregnancy with 4months old baby.....


MsMonet - December 10

Gracie- Pls, trust in God and know that He will give you a child when He feels it's time. Sometimes, we forget that a child is a gift... A blessing... As far as your past, God knows your heart and none of us have the right to judge each other. If you haven't asked for forgiveness yet do so and move on... Don't let that hold you back... We've all sinned someway, somehow... Lets be good to each other. We all are trying to acheive the same goal, right? We all want Father Stork to drop by our homes, right? Let's us be at peace with ourselves so that we can be prepared to have a positive impact on others and our children. Gracie, be greatful for the children that you have so far and be patient. Wait on God... He will bless you according to His timing... My husband and I are trying to conceive our first child,,,


tonyaandjoe - December 10

my cousin was breast feeding her baby and when she was 2 months old she concieved another baby.


lovemy3 - December 10

MsMonet, Couldn't have said that better, amen.



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