not getting pregnant
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isha - September 24

hey i have lots of confusions in my mind.actually there is a heridatery problem in my in laws that they give birth to babies after 5-10 years without any hubby was born after 6 years and he stayed in her mom stomach for 14 months.and i also want to ask tht my uterus size is 8.8cm,i have hyper insulinemia,i have urinary infection,and i have 32-34 days menstrual cycle,so i wanted to know that are all these things creating problem.


me - September 24

I would go to your dr and ask these very specific questions. I am not much help I'm afraid. I know your insulin levels need to be stable so that the other hormones can be regulated properly. I don't really understand the giving birth to babies 5-10 years. Is that how long it took them to get pregnant? If it is, I would go to a fertility specialist after 6 months. Good luck.


isha - September 24

thank you sooooooooo much for your help i really needed someone to share my problem with because i m all alone in this world and my husband gets angry if i discuss all these things with him coz he says that u are unnecessarily taking tension for this.but i m so tensed cant tell you.any ways thank you so much tht you gave me your precious time.


isha - September 25

can anyone else give me more suggestions plzzzzzzzzzz.



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