Not enjoying sex
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Romana - October 8

Hi there, my problem is that I'm not enjoying sex. Or may be my husband doesnt make love like it should be. I dont get turned on.....It hurts when we make love. I'm not ovulating also. last month I was on clomid..but did not get pregnant. Does this also come under infertility(me not reaching orgasm). Wll that cause a problem in me getting pregnant?. We hv been ttc for alomost 6months now. Pls help


Helayna - October 8

It can be hard to enjoy sex when you only have the goal of getting pregnant. Each time, try and just enjoy being with your partner, and put the thought of baby on the back burner *until it's time to prop up the legs;) * And maybe sex will become more enjoyable for both of you,because there will be less pressure to perform. And it might help relax you and make you more comfortable if you have a considerable amount of foreplay? (Sorry TMI) If it keeps hurting, you should see your doc though just to make sure there isn't a problem. Just talk things out with your dh- Im sure he will try and make things easier for you! Good luck!!! ~*baby dust*~ Helayna


Romana - October 8

Thanks Helayna, I will talk this out with my hubby.


mandee - October 8

i never had an orgasm with any man, in my life (dh doesn't know, he, he), and i have been pregnant 3 times, so it is NOT necessary to enjoy it, and climax yourself. i know what you mean though, ttc sex is the worst! i try not to let dh know when iam ovulating, and just come on to him, when i do, so there isn't all of that p[ressure. good luck!


? - October 8

Maybe take Spanish fly? Suppose to make u super horny..


Rowan - October 9

I too find it hard to enjoy bd when it is for the only purpose of getting pregnant. Especially when you are around ovulation time and you really can't be spontaneous. Basically, I just want my dh to do what he needs to do and that's it. It will all be worth it in the long run. Hang in there.



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