not conceiving even after intercourse on the day of ovulatio
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alisha - September 25

hi, iam 29 and have a daughter 6 year old.we have been TTCsince past 4months for 2nd child.every time iget periods i count backwards &find that we had intercourse on the day of ovulationstill unsuccessful.why suddenly i have become infertile?when my first cchild was conceived in just 1 try!


Helen - September 25

I'm alittle in your situation i caught pregnant for first child straight after coming off the pill that was 5 years ago i am now on the 3rd month of trying and nothing. We to are having sex everyother day so as not to miss ovulation but so far it's no good. I got some opks for this month so i know exactly when i o and hopefully will get it right. It's good to remember that a couple with no fertility problems still only have a 25% chance of getting it right. Best of luck if after a year ,a long time i know ,go to your doctor to run some tests on you and your partner.


just a note - September 25

LP's can be anywhere from 12-16 days for a normal LP. All women's periods do not come exactly 14 days after ovulation. You should start charting your temps to better understand when you, yourself ovulate


</> - September 25

you are not infertile. infertile = 12 months of trying with no results. you have been trying for 4. try taking your temputure and use opk's and that will help tell you exactly when you ovulated


Kandi - September 26

i fell pregnant after 4 months of trying and had a misscarraige at 8 weeks. We have been trying ever since and nothing. All up weve been trying for about 7 months. my cycles are regular and everything. we have sex starting the week before ovulation until about a day or two after. i dont understan. Why did we concieve once and we cant do it again. i know how you feel. Hope it all works out for you. Good luck!!!! BABY DUST TO YOU!!!!


sassyk - September 27

do you chart your temps? do you chart your cervical fluid? if you aren't having much cervical fluid it makes it harder for the your man's swimmers get to the egg. also you may not be ovulating on the day that you think you are. temping/charting and ovulation testers can help you find out what day you are ovulating. stress could be a factor too.


mama-bean - September 27

ALSO, if your husband has anything less then a normal sperm count, having sex every day is working against you. In the book " The Fastest Way to get Pregnant Naturally" the doctor states that sex every OTHER day, making sure that you have sex on the day you "O", is just as effective as having it daily, and if your man has any issues it will be even more helpful. Good Luck!


Jamie - October 4

Ovulation varies for each woman (so I'm told) and there are only 12 hours in the month that you can concieve. I hope this helps. I've been ttc for 1 year and had no problems with my 1st child. (now 4) I hope it works for you! Baby dust



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