Not conceiving
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Katherine - January 23

Iam 28. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for the last two years. We have done our tests. My hus has 62 million sperms per drop and 60% mobility. The Doc said that was alright. My uterus was said to be slightly back ward and the Doc suggested holding knee press position lying on my back for 15 minutes after contact. All these have not worked yet. We are both working and have some travelling also where we manage to fit in trying to conceive. Will everything be alright?


Melissa - January 23

Have you had an HSG to see if your tubes are clear?


Dee - January 23

hi Katherine! i was glancing through your post and noticed you wrote about having a retroverted/tilted uterus...i also have one. i am 22 and have been trying for 2yrs and 3months with no pregnancies yet. i haven't had any extensive testing done...just the usual pap and blood work. i am going to see a new ob/gyn soon and hopefully this one will be a little more aggresive with me on trying to get pregnant. i haven't read a lot about having a tilted uterus, but i have read that depending on how much your uterus is tilted back, it can cause you to have problems conceiving. so when i go to see my new dr, that is what we'll be finding out first (how far back mine is tilted and what we can do to fix it if there is a problem). there is a surgery that can fix it, but i'm really hoping that is not what i'll have to do. and if that's not my problem then i will probably be getting an hsg done to see if my tubes are blocked...and if all that comes back normal, then i'm sending dh off for some testing. i have faith that i will get pg this year...which is really cool because i never felt like that in the last 2 yrs of trying. have faith in God and your body and you will have that baby. good luck to you and your hubby this year!


Katherine - January 24

Thank you Melissa and Dee for responding. Ya , I've had an HSG done to see if there were any blocks and there were no problems in that line. The Dr said that there was not much problem with the position so much as to bring infertility. Ya ,Iam keeping my fingers crossed for getting pregnant this year! Thanks Dee for telling me to trust my body and to have faith. I must have become know. I'll pray for you too! Thanks!



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