Not again, can I do this again? =(
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Sally - May 5

I'm 43 and was able to get pregnant twice in the last 4yrs. Both of the babies had down syndrome and I had late term abortions. My husband wants to keep trying for a healthy baby but I don't think I can bare to lose another child. Does anyone know what the chances of me having another child with Down Syndrome. My husband keeps saying the third time will be a charm.


Melissa - May 5

Hi Sally! I'm am so sorry to hear about your losses. I do not know the statistics for DS. But, have you talked to your doctor? I don't really have any valuable advice, but all I can say is that you have to evaluate where you are mentally (if you can or can't handle the outcome). I'll pray for you. Remember this forum is here for support.


Melanie - May 5

Sally, I'm 40 years old and I have been trying to conceive for the past year with no success. I have thought about all of the possibilities of genetic problems that could occur with my age and conception... How did you do it? But with your situation.. Honey, just pray.... I wish you all the happiness in the world....


Sally - May 5

We it took over a each time but we just conceived the natural way. Just kept "doing it" each month till it worked.


anna - May 6

Hi Sally, I'm 39, ttc for 3 months. I do worry about the downs syndrome but as the months seem to go on i dont seem to worry so much. I'm trying to place my hands in God and hope he blesses me with a child and hopefully not one with any problems. I did hear on this forum a few weeks ago people saying they tested for downs and it came up that the baby would be born with it, she continued anyways and the baby was born fine. So who knows. You have to be strong and if its something at 43 you no longer think you can handle than that's your call and our prayers are with you whatever u decide.


You've P***ed me off - May 6

At 43 I think your more likely to have a baby with downs as the odds go up the older you are. If you have no children and want one so much surely one with downs is better then none at all. There are different serverities of downs and most downs people go on to live happy lives. It seems to me you just want a perfect baby, this isn't always the case. If your child was born with something else wrong with it that scans and bloods didn't pick up what would you do, hide it under the stairs. You don't sound like the kind of person to me that wants a child to love but you want a child as a statment. If your next baby has downs will you kill this one aswell and how many more are you prepared to kill?



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