not able to get a period????
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justice - March 27

my doctor wants to help me get pregnant with clomid, but I she is trying to get me to have a period so far 2 doses of provera and nothing. Any suggestions? anyone with similar problem?


robyn - March 27

I just started clomid a 3 days ago. Are you seeing a gyn or a RE ? Have you done any testing at all to see if you have any problems? My RE gave me provera it does take about 3 days after you stop taking it to get your period. How long have you been off of it. Your doctor should be doing ALOT of testing before just giving you clomid.


pj - March 27

Hi justice. Robyn is right, my doc says a/f may start anytime within a week of stopping provera. And by the way, I am on my 6th day of provera- was given a 7 day course. I am also waiting for A/f to start my second cycle of clomid. Firtst one failed. good luck


Justice - March 27

I took one 7day course of provera and waited up to 8 days after and no period then she gave me a double dose for 7 days and now it is the 10th day after taking the pills and no period. I just recently relocated to nebraska from florida and I was diagnosed with PCOS in florida I have been thru a MRI, several blood test, etc. My hormone levels are low but have been advised they can be worked with. I rememeber at age 16 my younger sister getting their period and i never did my mom took me to the doctor and they gave me provera and it did work then. The only way I have had a period since then is with birth control. I have an a appt coming up soon to see what the next step is.



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