Norther California girls with ins coverage for IVF, pls help
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cspears99 - September 9

I am wondering if anyone has health insurance that covers all or some of IVF treatment?? Thank you so much for your help!!! :-)


tibby - September 9

I live in NC and I have bcbs they do cover meds. they cover some infertility but not IUI and IVF. And its not through work. If you find some let me know.


cspears99 - September 11

Hi Tibby thanks for responding, are you currently doing IUI or IVF?? If so the meds covered how much does that save you, we currently have United Health Care, but my husbands ins is up for change soon, so will look into everything. We did 3 IUI's they say they don't cover any infertility but some of our stuff was covered but not the majority or the meds, but some helped, anyway i wil let you know, thanks again Cheryl


tibby - September 11

I'm going to do IUI my next cycle. Most my meds will be $50(copay). But I have to pay for the IUI.


baby1234 - September 11

Hi. I'm in So. California (Ventura County). I have Pacificare Premier HMO. They will pay for 6 IUIs at 50%, Clomid at perscription price ($20.00), and injectibles at 50%. After $2000.00, my injectibles will be free. I think that the plan I am under has the infertility added to the coverage. The infertility is optional for employers, so many don't do it so they can save money. I'm not sure about IVF, though. I haven't come to that step andI hope I never find out! Hope this helps.


cspears99 - September 11

Thank you for all your info, that is so great they cover the IUI's mine didn't cover that, I also hope you don't have to find out about IVF I wish you the best. We did the three and I just can't do anymore I need to try the next step if we can find at least some coverage, I will also keep everyone updated, thanks again for your help!! best of luck to all!!



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