Normal HSG, next step, need help.
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kasey - April 18

Hi, I am new here and have been reading all your answers from last week and thought this is the best site to have answers for me, i have been ttc from 2 years and this month had HSG test and it came out normal and my doctor wants to see me and told i have to go through some other tests now. what could it be, i am little scared.


TL - April 18

Hi kasey. If you made it thru the HSG that was the hardest part!
I think you should see a specialist. I always thought it was me with the fertility issues, we recently found out it's my fiancee. We are undergoing our first IUI in a few days. I took Clomid to stimulate more follicles and it is working very well so far :)
Good luck!


kasey - April 18

Hi TL, thanks for the support. My dh report is normal and i think i will take the appointment and see what she suggests me and i heard the chances of getting prg after HSG increases, is this correct. Good to hear Clomid is working for you, would be happy to hear good news soon. Take care.


wannabeamom - April 18

kasey, has you DH had an SA done?


TL - April 18

Kasey, I have heard some women getting pg right after HSG, unfortunately for me, I did not.
It is suppose to clear out any minor blockage.
Some people just have unexplained and that is the most frustrating.
Good luck :)


kasey - April 18

Hi wannabeamom, yes my DH report on SA came out normal and my progestene level was normal that means i am ovulating even though i had one ovary and after that my doc sent me to HSG test which was normal too.


Tracy88 - April 18

Kasey, not to be a downer, but I would ask to take a look at your DH's analysis. I went through several tests and 3 months of clomid after being told DH's sperm came back normal, but when I finally saw the report for myself I realized it said he has 96% severely amorphic sperm. Which means that 96% of his total count are not shaped properly and have trouble fertilizing the egg. We just saw a new doctor last week who ordered a new analysis to be done in his own lab, so he can tell whether we can do IUI or have to move straight to IVF. So, my point is, the problem really may not be you. The only reason my DH's first analysis was considered normal was because he had a high count, but that can't be good enough when 96% of them are on the fritz! Have you had a Post Coital test or a Laparoscopy done yet?? After really looking at his analysis again, inquire about those. Good luck!!


kasey - April 18

Hello Tracy88, thanks for the info. I will check with my doc next week and i did not had any other tests (Post Coital test or Laparaoscopy). So, did you go through IVF or are you preg right now.


isa - April 18

HI Kasey, I also agree to have at least one more test on dh for s/a because it can vary from month to month. It could be fine one month and not a few months later. I was told you can never go by one analysis but to consider a proper analysis you need a comparative so 2 or 3 of them but they must be (I think it is ) 3 months apart as that is how long the new stock takes to regenerate. Also check his morphology and motility (if they swim the right way). You may be told he is normal but is he high normal or borderline. My dh was in the normal range but at 31% motility which is really borderline for not so good so we went directly to iui where they can spin them and get the best swimmers and increase motility. With iui process his motility is anywhere between 70% and 95%. I think your next step is they will want to check your estrogen, progesterone levels, your lh to make sure you are surging, your cd 3 tests will check for fsh (follicle stimulating hormone whcih gives them an idea of egg quality/quantity depending on the level) , tsh (thyroid stimulating hormone), Prolactin, and ultrasounds throughout your cycle to check for normalcy with egg sizes (and for that matter that you are producing eggs and that they are growing to maturation). Often first med they try is clomid. It thinned my lining so after 2 months of too thin a lining he stopped using it with me. I have age factor on top of everything else so he started me off aggressively with both clomid and injectibles but now I am only on injectibles. I did 6 iui's (1 natural) and 5 medicated and got pregnant 3 x's but all 3 were chemical pregnancies so then he sent me for a batter of other blood work and chromosomal tests. They will only send you for those if you start losing your pregnancies or if they think you might have blood coagulant or chromosomal problems as there are only specific hospitals (at least where I live) that do the test and they are not cheap. Mine were covered due to the recurrent losses. He may order a lap (I havent done that yet) but don't be scared just look at it as one step closer to getting that baby you so want. Hope I helped.


kasey - April 18

Hi isa, i am suprised to see so many tests i have to go through but as you said this as one step closer to getting that baby. Thanks a lot for the support and the info and sorry for your loss and hoping to hear some good news from you soon. I will ask about my DH test result again and make sure about that with my doc. Good Luck.


isa - April 18

kasey, it sounds like a lot but what I should have put is that most of them are done on cd 3 and its the same blood work they use for the tests. Unless you ask you might not even know what they are running the tests on. I think its 1 or 2 viles and they divide the blood to test the different things (fsh, lh, tsh etc ). When i go in on cd3 they do the b/w then ultrasounds and when i go back the next time I always have paper and pen and ask how each of the levels were. Sorry if I made it sound like a million things. It's mostly all from your cd3 bloodwork they get all that stuff from.


Ann1 - April 18

kasey, assuming that you have done all your blood work as well, the next test would likely be the post-coital test and an endometrial biopsy.


nikki2204 - April 18

Hi Kasey,
I went through the same thing, they couldn't find anything wrong for the longest time. I had the HSG, everything looked good. Come to find out, clomid caused me to develop a large cyst on my ovary. I had a Laparotomy in January to remove the cyst and he discovered stage 4 endo! I am now on Lupron shots to clear the rest of it out.


isa - April 19

for Ann is the endometrial biopsy the same as the lap or is that something separate?



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