No trouble getting PG just trouble staying pg
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diem - January 7

Anyone else out there feel like me???? I have had 3 unexplained mc's. Just ready for a healthy pg ya know???


linds99 - January 7

How long are you carrying these babies? When are m/c occuring? Before 12 weeks? If that is the case, you may have low progesterone issues...progesterone is produced by the women (corpus luteum) after ovulation. Progesterone continues to be produced by the woman to support the growing embryo, implantation before the baby's own placenta begins to take over progestrone production after about 12 weeks. Maybe you can talk to your doctor about monnitoring your progesterone levels during pregnancy and giving you supplementation/support during this phase of the pregnancy?


Morrison1 - January 7

Diem, I definitely feel like you, and can totally understand. I am sorry for your losses and I completely relate to how lonely, dejected and awful you must be feeling. I have also had three miscarriages. I had my first in 2/06 at 5w5d, my second in 5/06 at 5w/4d, and just found out my third pregnancy was ectopic at 6w4d. I have had two methotrexate shots and am now waiting for my HCG to drop so that I can miscarry. It's horrible. The wait is horrendous. I don't know the circumstances of your losses, but any loss is just terrible and I am so sorry that you have had to go through it. I went to an RE after my second loss and they found nothing other than a very slightly elevated FSH. It was 11 and they like to see it 10 or under. I have been doing acupuncture since 5/06 and my last pregnancy was my first cycle on clomid. Since my FSH is mildly elevated and I am now 37, we will be doing IVF next and I am both nervous and excited about it. This is a very long, difficult journey and know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. They are with any one who has gone through this. I would suggest, especially after 3 m/c, that if you have not seen one already you should go see an RE. If you have, what have they said? What have been the circumstances of your losses? You don't have to answer, I just find sometimes it's nice to talk to someone that understands. I hope it only gets better for you here in 2007.


Mindy1 - January 7

Hey all, I havent had any MCs, still working on baby #1..but about what you are saying with the supplemental progesterone, can they still give you supplemental even if your levels are fine?


debbie80 - January 7

linds99 and Morrison1....I can relate to you both. I have had two m/c and d/c all accuring before 9 weeks. I just found out I am pregnant on Christmas and I am very scared. I went to the doctor the other day and they did find a heartbeat but now I am bleeding once doctor said all of my blood work looks good but cant explaine what is going on with me..she said if I having a 3rd m/c that there is nothing she can do to stop it. I have been bleeding for almost two weeks now...I cant even enjoy this journey if it continues...I just want you to know that my thoughts and prays are with you both and I hope you will get your bfp soon and can come join me in the first trimester!! baby dust to you all..


Morrison1 - January 7

Mindy, yes, they can give you progesterone supplements even if your levels are fine. The progesterone actually makes the lining of your uterus kind of spongy, to help with implantation, and while, in early pregnancy, they like to see over 20, I have known people to be up in the 80s and it isn't a concern. My RE actually treats with progesterone empirically, which means he does it as a precaution even if you don't PROVE to need it, just to be on the safe side and he is in the top 10 REs in the hope that helps. DEBBIE - I am so sorry you are going through this. It must be horrible. I know each trip to the bathroom must be it's own small nightmare and you must be sick with worry. Do your best to keep your spirits up. Remember, this little baby needs you and needs you to love it and believe in it. We can't stop what nature has already intended, but they say a positive attitude goes a long way. I know it feels impossible, but keep doing your best. You may be just fine. I have knows of LOTS of women who have had bleeding early on for various reasons and ended up having healthy, happy babies. You are in my thoughts.



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