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Vanessa - November 17

Hi all,
I got a +OPK on CD14 and my temp was 95.8. The next day it was 96.0 and the next 96.9. Is this a significant enough rise to signify ovulation? I'm new at temping and have no idea. My temp was back to 96.5 this morning so I"m a tad confused. HELP?! This is month 6 TTC and getting antsy!


dea - November 17

VANESSA: with temping..must be at same time EVERY day and before you get out of bed or do ANYTHING. That helps with the consistancy. Also- temps will rise up even 2-3 days AFTER ovulation. After a few months will will see a pattern. Are you checking your cervix position and cm too? These are a great help. And- when desperate- use the OPK to assist. Just keep BDing and maybe you'll get "lucky"! HTH!


Ericka - November 17

You do not O until about 24 hrs after your first + opk, and your temps won't rise until after you O. It would seem to me that you O'd on the day before the 96.9 temp, but you need to have 3 consecutive days of high temps to confirm O. Have you looked into using It's a charting site that will put in your O day and coverline. It's a great FREE resource. Baby Dust



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