No symptoms after IUI
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Grenouille - August 16

Hello everyone,

I am new to this chat and want to thank in advance any suggestions or help you may have for me. I have read that a lot of women have a lot of symptoms after an IUI, mainly cramping and/or spotting. 2 Days ago was my second IUI and I had absolutely no symptoms, which I find a little odd and of course makes me think that the IUI was a failure again. Any of you experienced no symptoms? Thank you!


thayward7 - August 16

I wouldn't worry yet...I know with my IUIs (I have had 4) the only real "symptom" I have after is ovulation cramping for about 1/2 an hour,usually a couple of hours after my IUI. I have never had spotting. Hang-in there!
- T


Grenouille - August 16

Thank you for your advice. I actually did feel a little bit of cramping before the IUI, which made me think I was ovulating, but the Dr told me I would probably ovulate that afternoon, since I took an Ovidrel shot that seems to trigger ovulation about 40 hrs after injection. I am a bit confused but I will try to stay positive and relax. Thanks again.


thayward7 - August 16

Yes, that's the same with me. I have my Ovidrel and ovulate around 40 hours later - I have my IUI at 36 hours after my trigger shot. I hope the 2 week wait isn't too stressful for you! Babydust!
- T


lifequest - August 17

Hi Grenouille, I just finished my IUI on Aug 13th. I did two back to back sperm wash and I had a HCG shot prior to it too. I'm now on progestrone oil for my 2ww. The only symptoms I had so far, is the cramps after my 2nd day of IUI. A few hours after I left the clinic I had some serious sharp cramps in one of my ovaries. Since than I have felt a dull pain in the same ovary, but it's not all the time. This is my 2nd medicated IUI, but my 3rd all together. When does your 2ww finish. We must be really we can compare symptoms along the way. Baby dust to you~


Grenouille - August 17

Hi Lifequest,
We are definitely very close in cycles. My 2nd IUI was done Monday morning of the 14th, so they asked me to do my pg test on the 28th, 14 days later. I did feel some symptoms you're describing on my first IUI, but definitely nothing this time. Did you do 2 IUI in one cycle? I am not sure if I understand the fact that you had 2 sperm wash back to back. Thanks and keep me posted. Good luck to you!


lifequest - August 17

Grenouille I can’t believe it, we are really close, cool. So let me explain what I mean about two IUI’s and back to back sperm washes. On my cd 12 I had an HCG shot. Cd 13, I had the LH surge. That day I had b/w and u/s done in the morning. My dh, came in and provided them a container of sperm. 3 hours later, they had the sperm ready (washed)…and I went in for the IUI. The next day, cd14 I went in again for b/w, and u/s, my husband came in again too, for some more sperm that he provided and they washed it again. A few hours later, we had a second IUI done on me. I was told to go home, relax and take it easy for the next few days. I was also given progesterone to take for the next 2 weeks. (14 days after IUI). I was supposed to go in for blood work on Aug 29, but since I’m going to be out of town until Aug 30th, I will be going in for blood work on Aug 31st. I hope that clears things up for you. Did you only do one? What was your cycle monitoring like? I wish you all the best too….keep me updated.


Grenouille - August 17

Lifequest, I am glad you explained your cycle in detail, since I didn't know you could do 2 IUIs back to back in one cycle. I'll have to ask my Dr about it. I just want to make sure I understand your abbreviations correctly...sorry I am new :). Does b/w mean blood work and u/s ultrasound? it took me a while to figure it out :). If that's the case, is there a way that the ultrasound show that you are ovulating or that you will soon?
For me, we have done only 1 IUI per cycle and this was my 2nd IUI this month. The cycle monitoring is to come for an ultrasound at CD 2 and from the results they put me on the appropriate dose of Clomiphene (is that the same as Clomid?). I think they check for the # of follicles as well as any cysts that may have developed from the Clomiphene. Then I have another ultrasound around CD 12/13, where they measure the follicles and if I didn't get the surge on CD 14, they prescribed the Ovidrel (injection shot to trigger ovulation), to have the IUI 36 to 38 hours after the injection. This time, it really felt like I had the crampy symptom before my IUI so I felt that I ovulated earlier than the 36-40 hours they tell me is usual for women after the injection. So I really wonder how I can tell better when I am ovulating. I did get the positive LH surge the morning after my injection, but still, I can't figure out exactly when it really occurs. Thanks & best of luck to you! Grenouille


lifequest - August 17

Grenouille, your short forms are correct. I don’t believe that ultra sounds can tell on there own if you have ov. Or not. I believe from what my clinic has told me, it also depends on your b/w. That is why I did both, everyday. I started at cd3 with b/w and u/s up until cd14. Yes ever day I would go in for b/w and u/s. In the afternoon, once my Dr. reviewed my numbers and u/s the nurse would tell me my daily dosage of Puregon. (my meds). I would than give myself my shot, and repeat this up until my b/w should a slight surge. Which like I explained before, would be followed by a HCG shot, and my IUI’s with sperm wash. I am just a little concerned with your cycle monitoring. Why do they only began to look at you once on cd2 and than don’t look at your follicles and check b/w until your on cd12/13. Some women actually ovulate earlier (like cd10). That would make it to late for you to even do IUI. Does your Dr. check b/w for LH surge before cd12/13? My first month records showed I ovulated between cd10/11. So my Dr. did my HCG shot on cd9 and cd10. I mean it didn’t work, for what ever reason….but we came close. I wish you all the best. Let me know if I can help you in any way. I’m spotting a bit today, which is surprising to me….I’m hoping for the best.


Grenouille - August 18

Lifequest, Now that I read your monitoring cycle, I am surprised at mine! I always had a tendency to ovulate on the later side naturally (CD15/16) but who knows what Clomid does to the body. I do check for the LH surge starting at CD10 and every day after that, and I am supposed to call if I do get the surge that day for the next day scheduling of an IUI. But so far, I never got a positive LH surge unless I inject the Ovidrel. I will definitely ask my Dr if he could monitor me more often! They did b/w on CD2 during my first IUI cycle, but since it looked normal and keep saying everything is fine, they haven't asked me to do other b/w since then. Also, during the CD12/13 u/s, usually my follicles are not mature yet (16 to 17 mm), so I don't know if that's the reason why they expect me to ovulate a couple of days afterwards. Thank you for the info! By the way, do you know if the stats of conceiving are greater by doing 2 IUIs in one cycle vs only 1? Thanks! Best of luck to you! (By the way, are you still spotting today?) Grenouille


lifequest - August 18

Grenouille, your absoulutly right, what if the meds do something different to your cycle. You know from my monitoring, I had started from cd3, an LH of 2,3,4,3,3, see what I'm saying. Than it jumped to 10. The Dr. gave me my HCG shot, the next day when it reached 25. Than it dropped to 2 for the next few days. I would never of known this, if he hadn't monitored my blood, that is why it's really good timing. As for 2 IUI rather than one, well the first is for ov. that day, but just incase there are more than one egg released, they do a second, sort of like an insurance. I wish you baby dust and luck, and tell me what your Dr. says.


dearMommy - August 19

Dear all...i need some inputs on IUI...actually i had no pain on opening of cervix during my HSG ...but the pain was when that dye went through my tubes..basically when the shot was i was just worried that in IUI when DH sperms are inserted will that also hurt? please let me know... though i dont think so as in HSg it has to travel through tubes, so probbaly the push is hard..whereeas here it will be directly into utereus... sorry ladies...i dont have much knowledge on the same and hence so many questions...


lifequest - August 20

dearmommy, welcome. As per your question a HSG is different from an IUI. I have now done 2 IUI's and they are NOT painful at all. It is a little uncomfortable for a second or two, while they put the clamps in to open you up (like a pap test) ... but when the Dr. does the procedure, you don't feel a thing, and it takes litteraly 30 seconds if that. You shouldn't feel any other discomfort after that, other than maybe some cramping because of o. I wish you the best, good luck...and baby dust~


sunshine25 - July 6

hi can anybody tell me what were there symptoms after stopping progestrone pills and wating 4 days for AF, well i was given prog for af. as i had no periods for more than 2 mths and had m/c 5 mths ago .ttc from 2yrs .confused pregnancy or progestrone . have sore boobs which usually have pms and also during pregnancy and thise was the only symptom . to add to confusion i started before ovulation as my opk turnes + ve after i started progest.also had E/w cum . please girls help me i am 33 i was to get prego esp. after my m/C i even got my hpt -ve on 10th day after prog. that is 9th day after O. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me


Marinewife31807 - March 12

Hello ladies I see noone has been on here for a while but i am hopeing that someone can help me. So i just had my 1st iui done 12 days ago march 1,2011 and i just started spotting and i am not due to take a pregnany test till sun march 14,2011. has this ever happened to anyone eles if so did u wind up being pregnant


jac1019 - March 13


I just had my first IUI last weekend. What happened with your spotting? Did it turn into a period? Spotting can be an indication of implantation bleeding.... which would be good. Good luck!


munchmom04 - March 31

hi ladies, I wanted to share my journey with you ladies as well. I started my monitoring on cycle day 2 as well. Had a baseline sono done on that day, was give a script for clomid. I took 50mg of clomid on cycle days 4-8. I went in for a midcycle sono on wed. march 30th. I have 2 follicles that are nice size (he said almost 20). I was given the HCG shot to start ovulation that day. I went in today for my IUI. I have not had any symptoms at all since. I have been feeling sick to my stomach that was because I was given the shot and I had not eaten anything that morning. I was told to go home relax and have sex tonight. I could take a home pregnancy test on the 13th of April.

This is my second go with IUI and HCG shots. My first was done over 2 years ago. I have a beautiful little girl to show for that one. With that cycle I did not have monitoring and sonos like I did this time. Hubby & I went in for an initial consult and actually ended up having a sono since I was on cycle day 12 already. I have always had regular cycles and ovulated, but hubby & I just could not get pregnant. We had been trying since my son was 2. He is almost 7 now. So yeah, I had a nice size follicle and the RE gave me the HCG shot to do when I got a postive OPT (ovulation predictor test). I got a postive that night and took the shot first thing in the morning. I called the office and they had us come in, well hubby come in and leave his sample, then I went in 2 hours after that and had the IUI done. I did not have any symptoms or anything after that one either. I cheated and took a test 10 days after the IUI and it was POSITIVE. I waited 2 more days just in case, then took another one and it was positive as well. And now I have a beautiful 17 mth old little girl.

Wishing positive baby dust to all of you ladies



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