No sperm cells at all
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Aimee M D - May 21

My husband had a semen analysis checked last week and got the horrible news...not one single sperm cell. We are have an appointment next week with a urologist, but my anxiety and fear are overwhelming. Does anyone have an experience that they are willing to share with me?????


lovemy3 - May 21

I'm so sorry to hear that. I don't have that experience but I know women here do, I hope someone can help you. Big hugs...take care xox


Tink - May 21

don't lose hope, it could be that he doesn't ejaculate them out or something. I have heard of many guys having to have the sperm removed directly from their testes instead. it could just be a plumbing problem maybe? you just never know. wishing you and DH lots of luck and prayers.



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