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Help - October 17

My husband received his result from the Urologist today and they told him he did not have any sperm present. He told him that we should start the adoption process. That really hurts. He also referred him to another specialist in the event there is blockage. Where do we go from here. Help!! I've cried and cried and I now feel hopeless.


d - October 17

I am so sorry to hear that. Get a second opinion. It doesn't hurt. I wish there were more I can say. Maybe there is a blockage. I wish the best for you


Mega - October 17

I'm so sorry about your DH's urologist appointment. What a blow that must've been. Hopefully it's easily fixed like a blockage. I definitely agree with D though, you should get a 2nd opinion as well.


K - October 17

What about a sperm donor?


sherry - October 17

this happened to my friend. she used a sperm donor with iui, and is pregnant with her 3rd child. he accepts them as if they are all his own, and really in love and heart and soul, they are. there are options bsides adoption. good luck, sherry


dear help - October 17

first of all get a 2nd and poss a third opinion. He may have somethign as simple as varoscocles (spelling?) and it is a simple procedure to fix if the sperm go back into his urtethra (not sure if right word) and not out of the penis as its supposed to. Its like a vericose vein that affects the sperm. He would need an ultrasound and doppler to diagnose it. You can also do an iui with donor sperm and noone needs to know its not dh's sperm. There is hope so dont lose the faith.


Sperm Aspiration - October 17

How about this?


me - October 18

Definitely get a second opinion. What he mena by no sperm? No mature sperm? No viable sperm? I am sure he has sperm in his testes, but they just aren't mature. One procedure you can do is remove immature sperm from the testes and use those sperm to inject into the cytoplasm of the egg (ICSI procedure). Then you can undergo IVF and try to get it to take. There are ways around it. Look into other options like that. Good luck!



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