No sign of ovulation - very frustrated
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Nikki - March 13

I started charting my temperatures this cycle and I am now on cd 15 and if anything, my temps seem to be going down?! We've been trying for over 6 months now and I really don't know how to react if I find out that I am not ovulating at all. I mean, what could cause that? And what can be done about it? I am not rich and I know that most fertility treatments are very expensive.
Please help, I just want to know what to expect...


Heather - March 13

Hi Nikki, YOu could be getting the dip that some women get before ovulation. I had the dip before I ovulated. Good luck to you!


Heather - March 13

I would start bding now because if your temp goes up in the next day or two that can be a sign you ovulated(actually the temps will stay above your cover line for three days to indicate ovulation has occured. Check out fertility friend website. That is what I used to get my bfp. They also have sample charts you can look at there too. Again, good luck to you !


Nikki - March 13

The dip? I hate to use it as an excuse, but English is not my native language, and I don't know what that means in this case?


Heather - March 13

It just means your temp will go low and then higher the next day or two


Nikki - March 13

How late in my cycle can I ovulate? Is there a point when you just give up for that cycle?


kimberly - March 13

A women should ovulate around day 14 of a 28 day cycle, this varies with cycle length. You should add a day for everyday your cycle passes 28 days. Like if you are on a 30 day cycle you should ovulate around day 16. Also, temps rise after ovulation not before, so don't be to concerned!


BrendaW - March 14

Have you tried checking your cervix?



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