No sex drive to TTC
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LillyK - September 2

Hi. This is a little bit embarrasing, but I am desperate for some words of encouragement. My husband has no sex drive whatsoever and if we have sex once a month I consider myself lucky. We are trying to conceive and I am using OPKs to make sure I know when is the right day. That day we try, but he cannot "perform" under pressure and we are hardly ever successful. We finally had sex on the right day this month and I am waiting to see if this time I bacame pregnant. I did get pregnant at the begining of the year but lost the baby 3 months later. Do you think I have any chance of becoming pregnant again just having sex once a month on ovulation day?


to lilly k - September 2

I just read an article in one of my pregnancy books and it says you have a 5% chance of getting pg if you only have sex on ovulations day. Do you think maybe due to the loss of a baby your hubby is maybe afraid to have sex for fear of getting you pg and the fear of losing another one? just a thought. My prayers are with you.


shannon - September 2

Hi LillyK. Did your husband always have a low sex drive or is this just starting to occur? Because maybe he is afraid to try again. Is there any way to lessen the pressure by not telling him the exact ovulation date? Just some thoughts--good luck.


LillyK - September 3

No, it's being like this for years. This is out 5th year as a married couple and I would say it's being like this for 4 years and a half. I think that is the way he is. I just hope that we get lucky the same way we did the first time I got pregnant.


lil - September 17

lilly ; hi i just want to say you are not alone , mine also is not sex typ , we enjoy being together but now we are ttc also few times around O time i heard some where even one sperm can make you pregnant but how much luck we have that i don know!


Mindi - September 17

My husband too has a low sex drive. Ever since I have known him. It's just something that was never important in his life. So, for us ttc, I am lucky if we can maybe bd 2 or 3 times when I am oing. It is so disappointing, because I know that he wants a baby just as bad as me, well maybe not just as bad, lol, but close. I think he also may suffer from ED and that lowers his confidence level and I think that has a lot to do with it. Let me know if you find anything that works.


Nicole - September 17

Lilly, I have some imfo but it's not very good. If your only having sex once a month is ejaculation is full of dead sperm:( Also the sperm quality goes down wich MAY have contributed to your misscarriage:( I'm sure you already have but have a very open talk with him about it. Who knows maybe he'll reveal a secret fantasy that just might do the trick! Try to have sex at least 7 days befor o'ing and give at least 48 hours inbetween. You may know all of this already but just thought I'd try to help:)


MM - September 17

Maybe he has low testosterone. I have read that can be a problem. See if he is willing to be tested. It is an easy fix if that is his problem.



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