NO period while B/C Please answer ASAP
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Cutie - April 29

Hello Everyone, Some of you have seen me around and read some of my questions... Well, I was on BC for two month now, to regulate my periods. This month I took all the blue pills and today is the third day of my white pills and I still have no period. I just have a little period like cramping (not bad at all) I also have white/cloudy stretchy mucus. When should your period begin while you are on BC .... Should it be the 1st day of your white pill? I am so scared and dont know whats going on now..... I dont know what this month will bring. Could I be pregnant?


SS - April 29

Probably not, but you could take a test to find out for sure. Some pills will eliminate your period completely, but you should call your doctor to ask about it.


Cutie - April 29

Thanks SS, anyone else PLEASE


a - April 29

Hi there, ive in my late 30's and have been on several different kinds since i had problems as a teen. I never had the blue and white ones but this is generally how it goes. Most pills you take for 21 or 28 days. The last 7 of a 28 day pack are sugar pills (you dont have to take them its just so you remember to keep it in a pattern). My last pill would be on the sunday and i got my period by thursday of the 21 pill kind. If i had the 28 day kinds it would be day 25. I've always had on the pill a 25 day cycle. I went off the pill back in 2000 as i was having troubles with it and re tried again last year with 3 different kinds. They all messed up my cylce so badly. at one time i had a 32 day period ugh yeah it was bad and i was taking them back to back so as not to get a period (couldnt get preg. then due to meds i had to take for a chronic condition). I'm now off for 3 1/2 cycles and i seem to be regulating between 25-28 days. The first month off it was 32 or 35 day cycle.Each month it has been down thou since then to between 25 and 28. I find with me white cloudy stretch is right before i ovulate>Try and opk test and see what happens. Just pee on it or dip it and check the next few days you might be hitting your fertile period. I hope this helps u out. good luck!



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