no period since january when i got off pill, am I ovulating?
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Nat - April 20

I got off the pill in January, have yet to rec'd my period. Am I ovulating, I do have some discharge every i just not timing things right?


L - April 20

YAY NAT! We're in the same boat! I came off of the pill in January too - had a period 49 days later and am now on day 52 waiting for a second period with all neg hpts and blood tests. I have been doing ovulation tests and none have come back positive so I don't think I'm ovulating either!


andrea - April 20

Nat, are you charting? Do your basal body temps and you will know if you are ovulating. Also get an OPK and test for the lh surge. I would check with your doctor since you have not gotten your period yet. I stopped the pill in Jan and got it but it took about 32 days but i still got it and slowly it has been returning to normal. You will want something to induce your period.


Heather - April 20

I was on the pill for 8 years. For the first year and a half I got a total of maybe 8 periods. I would go for 3-4 months with no period. My dr said that I was not ovulating. I was put on Provera for 10 days & got my period. Took clomid days 5-9 and got pg that very month.


Nat - April 20

Thanks for the quick response. I'm glad someone else knows what I'm going thru. I've taken 4 hpt and all -. It gets frustrating, cause I had symptoms of pregnancy then. But I was told it was just my body coming off of the pills. I do have a son that will be 4 in July. I wasn't on any bc then, and my periods were irregular then too. I had missed my period in september and i assumed i was....nope, didn't get prego until the next month. So I do figure there is a possibility of ovulating without a period. But after 4 months....i'm not so sure :( No I haven't charted or anything, I thought it would be pretty simple....ppl get pg everyday and aren't even trying. Thanks again!!!


L - April 21

Heather: how long from the time you went off of the bcp until your dr put you on medications? Thanks!


Nena - April 21

Heather, in what pill you were for 8 yrs I am very interested because I don't get my period on my own only on pills. Please let me know. Thank you :o)


Heather - April 21

I went off the pill in August 03 & didn't start going to the dr until Nov 04. She put me on provera right away because it had been 3 1/2 months since I had a period. We told her we wanted to start trying about a month later and so she gave me the clomid. I started that in Jan and conceived that month. I was on birth control for 8 years (desogen). I was regular on birth control. Once I was off though... I actually had 3 periods over a 7 weeks spand. My dr was fine giving us the clomid once we told her we want to try. Since i'm soooo irregular she said that I am not Oing on my own.



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