No period since Jan of this year
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yvonne - May 24

Haven't had a period since Jan. 28 of this year,could I still get pregnant?


Mindy - May 25

Im in the same boat. I have not had my period since December 15 2004.
I had thought that I was pregnant since I had alot of signs. But all hpt's said negative. I had a few tests done about a week ago. The doc told me that everything looked fine. My uterus was not enlarged or anything. Im thinking about asking for some Metformin to start m period, and then clomid to concieve right away.


mindy - May 25

I was told that you can not get pregnant without having a period, I hope that person told me wrong.


Melissa - May 25

You can still get pg without af however, it is only possible if you o. I missed af for 2 months but did o. My doctor even confirmed it with a vaginal u/s (our timing just happened to be good). However, if you do not have af or o you should see your doctor.



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