No Period, Negative Test
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Nikki - October 11

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a few months now. I am now going on my 33rd day of not getting my period. The week that I was supposed to get my period, I had one blood clot come out and that's it. I have tried calling my dr's and the earliest appt. is in November. Ridiculous. I have taken 3 preg. tests and all 3 have been negative. I already had one miscarriage in April. Does anyone know if a miscarriage can be followed with no bleeding? The other thing is I have very tender nipples. Any suggestions? Thanks!


W - October 12

You sound like me, but I am at day # 60 something. I've even been to the doc, blood test negative, but I'm not giving up yet, bring up my post, negarive blood test, 4 weeks late, someone has given me some positive help.


Krista - October 12

i'm on cd 77 today. i'm not pg, i had a quantitive blood test done a few weeks ago. i see the dr this friday. i cant wait! i just started getting very tender nipples just a couple days ago myself. what is up with that??? its almost like they are raw but they havent been touched. i'll check out your post too W.



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