No period how long is to long
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Gracie - May 16

It is cd 62 for me. I had ff first tell me I o'd on cd14 then after 19 days above coverline on the next day it changed and said I didn't o. I am so confused how it says one minute you did then not the next. Why would it say that? So hence I am on cd 62 waiting for o. my longest was 56 days. How long should i keep waiting? It keeps telling me my fertile time is approaching.I do my temps but they don't indicate a possible preg. they drop so I think I will be o'ing and when I am waiting for my 3 high temps after I get 1 and then it drops a tenth again! What confusion. Any insight ?


pj - May 16

I had no idea, you can ovulate so late. I have pcos, and I got myself monitored. by ultrasound..when I didnt ovulate by CD-23, my doc told me to go home and wait for Af , as ovulation beyond that date is rare, and even if it does happen, it almost always never results in pregnancy..I hope I am wrong.........I myself am on CD-44 and will take provera to induce periods, if they dont happen naturally by another week



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