No period for over a year
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jennifer - April 22

I am 19 years old. My period has stopped over a year ago as well. I have been to various doctors and the only thing they've done is put me on Birth Control to help start the bleeding. I have no idea whats going on and for the last year me and my boyfreind of 2 years never use protection while intimate and I cant conceive either.


jennifer - April 22

Oh and I was also on Depo-Provera since I was 14 yrs. old. My period has been irregular ever since then, but only the past year has it stopped completlety.


Silvie - April 28 are U doing? Were U prescribed Clomid or something to help U get pregnant? Take care and good luck!


Anicia - May 2

im in the very same boat right now, i have just taken my first round of clomiphene treatment and im waiting patiently ---- hopefully im pregnant, but what I wnt to know is when will my period come if I am not pregnant?


dawn - May 3

hi! I was on the pill and it really messed my body up. My periods were very few and far between. I went on natural hormone replacement. It was liquid/cream that you apply to the inside of your elbow. It worked great to get my periods on track again. My husband and I tried to get preg for 2 1/2 years. I tried some natural supplements for fertitliy and was preg in 2 1/2 months!! I have been telling everyone I can about this. If you or anyone else is interested you can email me at [email protected]. Everyone that I have told about this and have taken it, have gotten preg in less than 3 months. Hormones have a big part in getting preg. You can have reg. cycles and still not conceive because your hormones are not what they should be to get preg. These supplements help regulate hormone levels too.


Anicia - May 17

I went through a round of clomiphene treatment for the first time, my period was due 4 days ago, nothing, before going on clomiphene, I had no periods for a year and now that Ive takent eh clomiphene treatment, I have no period still, I ve done two pregnancy tests and nothing, what do I do now. this is really frustrating.


Eugena - May 17

I have the same problem. I was on the pill to keep a steedy period, then i was on the patch, because i kept forgetting to take the pill. I wanted to coceive, but i haven't came on my period in over a year. i'm not old. Why can't i ovulate? I think the patch and pills did something to my body. I need help.


Sue - May 18

Hi Dawn
Can you please tell us the name of the creme that you used and the natural supplements that you used... would you be able to post them here in the forum???
That would be very helpful ..thanks!
Congrats on your success with it all!


desdi - May 19

you are not the only one. i have not seen a p. in one and a quarter year. i took provera and then clomi in november and only p. came. now the doctor tells me i am to go back on pills for three months then stop and hope fully there will be luck. this whole thing is extra stress when you really want something and cannot get it


sariah - May 19

we've ttc since june 2004. i skipped 3 months p from sept-nov. i only got my p last dec because my OB gave me bc. I skipped jan and took bc pills in feb so i got my p then. but since then, no p yet. My OB said that this is because of weight gain. ive been trying to lose weight since jan. no luck yet.



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