No period for over a year
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Heather - March 28

Hi Silvie, I've been tested for all sorts of abnormalities and according to my Dr. everything is normal. I have an appointment to see him next week and I will confirm what my BMI level is at. Thanks for your response and congratulations!!


Stacey - March 29

You girls are not alone...I have been off the pill for 6 months and have not gotten a period. My doc gave me Provera for 10 days but it did not work so I am a bit frustrated.. She did a TSH test and all appears normal. My husband and I have an appointment with an OB/Gyn April 14th and hopefully she will give us some good news. I have a funny feeling that this may be only the beginning for us... Thanks for the quality info!


Silvie - March 29

Hi Heather.....I hope You will succeed eventually in effort to get pregnant, and I fully understand how you feel...I was so frustrated when I was desperately wanting my periods/something most women dont appreciate/. As I doesnt have to do anything with your weight, it is a good idea to think thoroughly about your lifestyle/diet,exercise,stress/ in general,......also You may have heard about PostPill ammenorrhea..which is absence of periods after going off the pill..normally it takes a few cycles to get back to normal,but in rare cases it can take months, possibly year or more. So make sure Doc will do hormone analysis from your blood,it can tell a lot a give a clue where the problem might be.Good Luck!


amy - March 31

You should really go to the doctor to see what the matter is. I know that one reason that your probably not getting your period is because your thinking about to much try not to think about it keep youself active take a hobby.


Heather 3 - March 31

Heather - I went off the pill in August 2003. 8/03 to 11/04 I had a total of 7 periods I think. If that... Went to my dr and she prescribed provera to force my period. It was HEAVY because I had gone 4 months without this time. Anyhow... After all the tests and u/s and all that everything came out fine. So I was prescribed clomid. On the first round of taking clomid I got pregnant. Unfortunately I m/c but it had nothing to to do with the clomid or provera. Theey have reason why I don’t get my periods either so… Just wanted to share. Hope this helps you feel better.


Heather - March 31

Heather (3), that does make me feel better.... thank you! I have an appointment nest week with my obgyn and he is probably going to prescribe provera and clomid. How on earth do you cope after a m/c??? My biggest fear is to finally get pregnant and then m/c., how do you recover from that?? How many cycles of clomid have you been through since your m/c??


lindsay - March 31

I went off the pill Aug 04 and have not gotten my period naturally. I took provera from the OBGYN and got my period on that pill, but after using it I have not gotten it naturally. I then tried acupuncture and got my period once, but now I am at a standstill. I am trying to conceive, but I dont want to go the fertility route so I am going to continue acupncture and hopefully that will help. I am extremely frustrated becasue I am not even ovulating.....just be patient I guess but acupuncture does regulate your body I was told. good luck


Heather 2 - March 31

Hi Lindsay,
Your story sounds quite similar to mine. Acupuncture does work!! The thing is you just have to keep trying. I do believe it restores the hormones to the levels they should be at. I'm just waiting to test (12 DPO) By the way I don't know if I have ever ovulated before this cycle - I'm 27 years old. I have all the signs that I did this time - charting my temp, etc.


hayley - March 31

hi I came off the pill may 04 as wanted to get pregnant and have not had aperiod since ! Have an appointment with gynacologist on 11th april is it likely i will be perscribed something on a first appointment ?


Heather - March 31

Hayley, I think it depends on where you live....where are you writing from??


jessica - April 8

im sorry i have no answer for you... im having simaliar problems... i had my daughter 2 years ago and sense then i havent had my period at all. im going to see a new doctor this coming week to do more testing.. im ussually a very healthy woman with no history of being sick. good luck


Nena - April 11

I am now with my periods after taking tablets. Today is my 5th day and I started to take another round of pills so I can have period again. I think I should take at least three months before taking injections to stimulate my ovaries. I also having clamydia for which I took antibiotics for two weeks and I am going to test in about two weeks. If my infection has gone than my doc told me to immediately do the HCG for which I am scared a bit but being TTC for 4 1/2 yrs I will go ahead with this challenge. I need some support from you ladies, what do you think?


bump - April 12



rena - April 13

I feel your pain. I am 22 yrs old and my daughter is 21 months. I stopped the depovera shot in Dec 2003. I got a period in Nov. 2004, and that was the last time. i had blood work done at the doctor, and they said everythign was nomal. I hope that everything is okay. If anyone knows what I should do, email me. [email protected]


Tricia - April 13

Hello everyone, I am in the same boat I went to the doc yesterday last pms was last year and spotted one time March 10 . I have a son who is now 10 and would like another one. When I got pg for him didn't think I could. I had only had a period in feb, and oct. I got pg for him in December. That was weird would of never thought that would of happened . I didn't find out that I was pg until I was 3 months . When I went to the doc this month he told me to try on my own for 6 months then if nothing he will give me clomid. I just hope that it happens on it on. I hope ya'll the best of luck .


jennifer - April 22

I am 19 years old. My period has stopped over a year ago as well. I have been to various doctors and the only thing they've done is put me on Birth Control to help start the bleeding. I have no idea whats going on and for the last year me and my boyfreind of 2 years never use protection while intimate and I cant conceive either.



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