No period for over a year
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Heather - March 16

I went off the pill in Jan '04 got my period on March 7, 04 and that was the very last time. It has been over a year since my last period. My husband and i are trying to concieve with no luck. The next step for me is Fertility Pills...I'm so nervouse that fertility wont help me. Is anyone out there in the same boat??....what was the outcome??


Mrs.N - March 16

I have amenorrhea which means no periods at all unless i take birth control.I started taking clomid for the first time one the 9th of March I just finished my last pill on the 13th.But my dr gave me provera 10mg to start my period it didn't work,but he told me to take the clomid any way so i did and i can't wait to see if i get pg or not, but i won't get my hopes up even though a lot of people fell pg on their first cycle of clomid.So go to your obgyn and see if clomid is the right thing for you.


Heather - March 16

Mrs.N, Thanks for your reply. Sounds like we are definatly on the same boat. I have an appointment with my obgyn on April 7. Can't wait to start the next step of this crazy pg cycle, however i'm so scared that this is going to be so much harder then i already know it will be. Please let me know the outcome of your situation since it's so simular to mine (if you don't mind). I wish you lots of LUCK!!


sara - March 16

Just out of curiosity.......Heather- did your doctor explain why you have not had a period in a year? Is it health problems related? I have very irregular periods and I have not had one for about three months, and before that it was about 4 months. I wanted to know if it had anything to due with problems. My doctor found nothing wrong so far, and that was last year. Im trying to concieve #2. I did have pregnancy syptoms but all tests say negative.


Heather - March 16

Sara--According to my Dr's and the million tests I’ve had done, I have no health problems and yet there are no explanations of why my p’s are so irregular. My p’s have never been regular not since day one (except on the pill), however I have never gone this long without one, usually I would go about 3-5 months between each p. When I do get my p it lasts only 2-3 days, which I find also weird. 2 ½ weeks ago I had procedures done at the hospital hoping to get some answers on why I haven’t had a p in over a year, I find out what the results are on my next visit to my obgyn, however after my surgery my Dr did come see me and he said that everything looked normal and that everything is fine. This is such a mystery!!!! Sara, were your p’s like they are now before you had your 1st child????


Sara - March 16

actually mine were what you would call normal. I had very painful cramping, nausea when they would come, but they did come each month. After my first child is when they actually started to skip for up to 4 months. I want to have at least one more child. My doc told me that the reason I missed so many periods before, was because of stress or weight change. Well I know that Im not stressing right now and my weight is pretty much the same. I hope that Im pregnant and its just taking a while to get a positive. I have heard of that happening to many women. Good Luck with your TTC and keep me posted!


Angela - March 16

I went off the pill in July 04, I then had a normal period in November 04, however I haven't had a period since. I've not managed to conceive since, and have not had a period (since Nov). I'm waiting to be referred to a fertility specialist. Has anyone else had the problem of having irregular periods and not being able to conceive? Or can anyone offer some hope?


kim - March 17

Been in the same boat ladies. I had no periods for 2 years. I did some research on infertility and found some women take herbal supplements to have a period. I took something called New Phase. It has natural plant estrogens and progestrogens in it. It also has Black Cohosh, a chinese remedy good for fertility. I took it for 3 months, finally had a period, then on my 3rd cycle I was pregnant with my now 21 month old son. It was a miracle to me. I would really recommend atleast trying this. I tried for 3 years and after only 6 months of taking this I had my wish. You can find it in any department store in the herb and vitamin section.


Heather - March 18

Thanks Kim, I'm going to get a bottle of New Phase today! At this point I will try anything! Thanks again.


Heather 2 - March 18

Hi, My name is Heather also. I thought maybe you would like to hear my story. I am almost 28 years old.
Before January 2005, I had never had a period without being on the pill. I had many tests done when I was 22 and the only result I heard back was everything looks normal, just might take you longer to get pregnant. So at that point I wasn't concerned so I was just happy nothing was wrong.

I decided in December 2003 that I would go off the pill, since I was recently married. I did not get my period at all in 2004. I was referred to a fertility specialist. But because of my growing beliefs of natural alternatives, I started seeing a traditional chinese medicine doctor in Oct 2004. I went to this doc a couple times per week, but in Dec 2004 couldn't go at all. In January I started up again, and January 16, 2005 got my period with the acupuncture and herbal medicine. I was so happy. It was quite heavy, which it had never been before. Just before this period came, I had seen the fertility specialist for the first time, who gave me a presciption to bring on a period, so he could do tests on my 2nd period day. I didn't need to take the prescription, and got my blood tests done. The test results came back, and he diagnosed me with PCOS, as I also had an ultrasound done which showed polycystic ovaries. He mentioned my blood tests looked fairly good though and that I was a candidate for Clomid. This fertility specialist knew I was seeing a traditional chinese medicine doc, and I said I would like to keep trying the chinese medicine route instead, since I was getting good results. So I continued with the chinese doctor, having acupuncture done at least once a week. In February 2005, I got my period again (37 day cycle), without the herbs, just acupuncture. This month, I am ttc-ing and have had good signs, that I most likely did ovulate and now just waiting to take a preg test next week. It's challenging to even wait a week!

I just wanted to say one more thing, struggling with infertility is not an easy thing, no matter what personal decisions you make. It requires alot of patience, strength and positive thinking. I am a Yoga teacher, so I really think the knowledge I have in Yoga has helped me so much. I feel for all women out there who go through this. It is really good to have support (thru friends, family or message boards like this, etc).


Nena - March 21

I am very similar to Mrs. N. I have amenorrha as well. When I take pills I have regular cycle in 28 days and they last for 7 days. But I tried two months with Clomid it didn't work. Doct is telling me to go with injections for hiper stimulation. Now I have infection Clamidia and some bacterial vaginosis. I am taking antiibiotics for that and doc is telling me to do hysterosalpiscogram to see if my tubes are ok and perhaps to see the function of ovaries and uterus. After this he told me to take those injections for hiperstimulation. I am very scared of this proces but I pray god to help me because no 4 1/2 yrs TTC. One more thing, I find in one drug store some herbal remedies Royal Jelly with Gingseng and took that for a months and I got my cycle normaly and strange enough I got it again after 10 days without taking anything. Maybe it is better to continue with herbal remedies instead od drugs. Question to Mrs. N - are you developed normally because in my case everything looks normal except my breasts are a bit smaller than usual. My uterus is in a normal shape when on pills and ovaries looks ok. Please any opinion appreciated but you are not alone.


Heather - March 21

Do you ladies think that I should avoid Clomid and try some natural remedies first?? I have an appointment with my obgyn in 3 weeks (April 7); maybe I should talk to him about methods other than Clomid. I ordered a bottle of New Phase, which was suggested by Kim, I’m excited about that and can’t wait to start taking it. Any other suggestions would be great!! Thanks girls!!


Vanessa - March 21

I came of the pill jan 2004 my period were all over the place, between 48 to 96 day cycles. I went to the doctor and he gave me some blood tests to see if i was ovulating and the result was no.
He has put me on metformin to regulat my periods in the hope i will ovulate. In two months time i am to go for more blood tests to see if it has worked.


Heather 2 - March 22

Hi Heather,
That really is a personal decision. (which is a tough one I know) Whatever feels right for you is what you should try. My advice because traditional chinese medicine (acupuncture + herbs) is working for me, will be obviously that. You can also try it in conjuction with seeing a fertility specialist like I did, but only for their diagnosis (not prescriptions) I would strongly recommend if you are going to go the chinese medicine route, to see a traditional chinese medicine doctor ongoing. Personally I wouldn't take the herbs on my own, but that is my feelings. It takes alot of patience and faith this way, but to me in the end it is all worth it. I believe my problem was not being balanced hormonely speaking, and the traditional chinese medicine got to the route of the problem and is healing it, which to me is the best medicine.


Silvie - March 22

Hi Heather, I am 25 and since age 15 I had no periods without pills. Sept 2004 I went off the pill but with no periods afterwards. I did have periods after I was given Estrogen/Progesteron combo, but that was not solution,since I wanted to get pregnant. There was one more thing though which was the obvious issue. I was a regular runner, used to jog up to 6-7 times a week. So by Dec 2004 I decided to drastically reduce my exercise,for it is well know that excess exersice and low BMI cause ammenorhea or anovulation. On Jan 17,after being almost three weeks on reduced exercise regimen and tried to add some pounds I was prescribed Clomid / even though before by the end of Dec04 Provera did not induce period,which reduced my hopes too/. And miraculously I got pregnant on a first shot! I am convinced, that Clomid was just part of success, reducing exercise and making sure your BMI is at least 19-19.5 is a big deal. Unless there is another issue,like PCOS, thyroid disease, or another hormonal trouble.
So relax, think of your lifestyle, and try Clomid, it really helps! Best of Luck!


Julie - March 26

I've been having irregular periods since my early teens, I have gone for at least 6 months w/out a period. I came off the pill in July '04 after being on for 4 years. I got a period in Oct '04 and nothing since. I recently got married this past Oct and have no idea when I'm ovulating. I have scheduled an appt. with my Dr to test for PCOS, I feel like it'll be impossible to become pregnant 'cause I don't get "normal" periods....


Heather - March 28

Hi Silvie, I've been tested for all sorts of abnormalities and according to my Dr. everything is normal. I have an appointment to see him next week and I will confirm what my BMI level is at. Thanks for your response and congratulations!!



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