no period after pill. help please
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nat - August 29

i have come off the pill and not had a perild for 14 weeks now.....not pregnant either but i really want to start with my husband. please help and tell me why if poss.


chicks - August 29

Hi Nat! Unfortunately, I don't have the magic answer for you but you should go back to the doctor and ask them to do an ultrasound to check your ovaries and see if you have any cysts in there. They will probably do bloodwork as well to check your thyroid, hormones, etc. I had the same thing and it's a year later and I still haven't had a period on my own since I came off the pill. I'm not saying that that's what will happen with you, but it's best to find out now and maybe they can prescribe prometrium to start your periods and then get you on your way... Let me know how it goes! Take care!


Anna - August 29

Nat, I had the same problem. Came off BC beginning of May and finally got an af middle of July because I took Provera. It's nothing unusual to have no af for weeks or months after stopping BC. Talk to your md and he'll probably prescribe you Provera to help kick your cycles back into gear. It may take more than one round of Provera, though. When you do get your af, make sure you are ovulating-either by checking temps, ovulation tests, etc... That way you won't waste months of ttc when your not O'ing. Good luck and *baby dust*!


nat - August 29

thank you so much for your words guys....i will let you know how it goes here in the UK. speak soon


M'Rita - August 30

Hi Guys!
I also came off BC on the 16 July and finally got an AF on the 23 August. It was about 1.5 weeks late. This will be my second cycle ttc baby # 1 and this time round I will be using ovulation test, just to make sure I do ovulate. On my last cycle I did get the eggwhite like mucus, but unfortunately didn't get PG... I'm on CD8 & waiting for CD10 to start TTC! Nat Let's hope that you get an AF soon, so that you can start trying! Are you TTC Baby # 1 as well? Baby Dust to all!

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casey - August 30

nat when i got off of BCP's i didn't have a period for almost a year and i am just now getting regulated. the last 2 periods i have had have been extremly long the first one was 13 days and the 2nd was 18days long.


AC - September 1

Hi Nat! I am experiencing a similar problem. I went of bc last December and I have still not had a period. My ob/gyn doctor tested my thyroid levels, hormones, etc. and tried putting me on Provera and Prometrium to jump start a period. Neither worked. I just went to see a reproductive specialist yesterday and she said that what I am experiencing is treatable. I am now going to try hormone injections which will trick my body into ovulating etc. She said that at some point my period should return. I am hoping this works as I can totally relate to your frustrations. I hope all goes well for you!



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