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KIM - April 27



Ali - April 27

Kim ever since i can remember i had an irregular period but then the doc put me on the pill to regulate so i was off and on it for few months when i came off of it for because i had heard that taking it too long affects you when trying to get pregnant i had regular period for few months but then it became irregular again so i just lived with it and maybe back in november my period regulated and i could pridict it i got married on feb 12 2005 and i knew i was supposed to get it that day i did and that was the last time and me and my husband have been trying to get preg. but no period and negative results on the pt


Melissa - April 27

Hi Kim. There could be may reasons you're not getting your period. You can just be irregular, you could have cysts, or your hormones might be out of wack to name a couple. You should try to see your doctor if you already haven't.


xxx - April 27

mellissa is ther anything else you can suggest?


Melissa - April 27

I'm not a doctor, but I missed a period in March and I had never missed one before (except when I was preg with my first). So, I went to my doctor and she did some blood work. She checked for diabetes (said that could make you miss), and all hormone levels (not enough testerone, too much etrogen, or not enough progesterone could also make you miss). All my levels were normal, so she then sent me in for a pelvic u/s to check for cysts (they could cause you to miss) and they found one. However, I do know that other factors could make you miss like stressing about being preg, being overweight or even underweight, and sometimes if you are too active of a person that can prolong your period. If you can rule out all the easy factors you probably should see the doctor for more specific results.



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