No ovulation with regular period????
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Laura - November 7

I have always had very regular periods (27-28 days). I recently began charting in order to find out when I ovulate. According to my charting I should be ovulating on day 14. Day 14 has come & gone & I had no symptons of ovulation & my ovulation predictor was negative. Is it possible that I am getting my period without ovulating? Please Help!! Thanks.


Mega - November 7

How many cycles have you charted so far? Is it just one cycle that showed no ovulation, or has this been a pattern? Yes, it is possible to get a period without ovulating (I have PCOS & this happened to me many times) but typically that happens more to people with irregular periods. From what I've read it's perfectly normal to have 1 or 2 periods a year where you do not ovulate, so if that was just a one time thing I'd say don't worry about it. But if you've had 2 or 3 cycles without a clear indication of ovulation I'd definitely suggest seeing a dr. HTH! Good luck!


laura - November 7

I have only charted 2 cycles thus far. I have also been taking fertlity blend for women. I have heard that this can keep the cervical mucus dry during the time of ovulation & can possible give a negative test result. Is this something that was possible, or have I been misinformed? Going to see Dr. next week! Thanks for your info!


Mega - November 7

You're welcome, Laura. I don't know much about Fertility Blend, but drying out your cm could be a problem. Maybe try Robitussin with it. Just the plain Robitussin though. At any rate, it's good that you're going to see your dr next week. Keep us posted.


me - November 7

Unfortunately you can get regular periods and not ovulate. The only real way to confirm O is through blood tests and sustained temps. I would not worry just yet though, since yo have only charted for a few months. I would give it to 6 and then seek an RE's advice. Good luck!



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