no ovulation after childbirth
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ashley - March 1

hey girls. i was just wondering your opinions on this. i had my son march 21, 2005. i got the depo provera shot in the hospital. i bled for 4 months straight so i got on the nuvaring which stopped that and i did 2 cycles of that and stopped because we wanted to have our children close together and i knew it would take a few months so i wanted to get ready so it would be when we wanted . well anyways. my son is 11 months old and he was 6 months when i stopped all the birth control and i have had only 15 day cycles except for last month is was 21 but i have not ovulated anyone have a similar expierence?? and if so what did you end up doing. should i look into clomid maybe?


babyloves2play - March 1

Hi. My daughter was born March 25, 2005. I went on the patch after she was born and I too was hoping to have my babies close together so I went off of it in October. I've been trying to conceive since November with no luck. Last month I had an Lh surge and had sex during the days around the day I was suppose to ovulate.........still didn't get pregnant. My cycles are long, usually around 31 to 35 days. So this month I took 100mg of clomid on days 5-9 (second time I've tried using clomid). It takes alot of patience and waiting and hoping and faith. I'm now on cycle day 19 and have not had an Lh surge yet. I hope I ovulate but there will be no way of knowing until I either get my period or have a positive ept. Don't give up!!!


Mega - March 1

Hi Ashley. Yeah, Clomid might be an option for you. I started taking it for the opposite reason though, my cycles were too long & anovulatory. I'm still TTC #1. But from what I read, it sounds like Clomid might make your cycles longer while inducing ovulation. Your dr would have a better idea of course, but yes I'd think Clomid would be worth asking your dr about. However, with your cycles starting to get longer, perhaps your body is regulating itself? Anyway, good luck!



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