No Ovulation
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N - June 26

we have been trying for almost 2 years now (1 year with dr.'s help). i had 3 cycles of Clomid. 2nd cycle there was ovulation. this month i had shots taken for ovulation and had 2 follicles. why cann't i ovulate? i have my periods regularly..... exactly 28 days...


merlee - June 26

Hi N. We have been TTC for 2.5 years and it is very discouraging. Several ladies here (myself included) have tried herbal supplements with some success. Many herbs can help you ovulate more reg. If you choose the natural route, this is a good place for support. Also is a good site. Good Luck to you.


Brandy - June 26

Have you been checked for PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), It specifically causes ovulatory dysfunction, abnormal body hair growth and acne. (just a few symptoms). Often woman with PCOS are insulin resistant and have difficulty losing weight or have excessive weight gain. You can have a regular period or no period at all. No one knows why woman get PCOS, they are doing studies now to see if it is hereditary. I have also been trying to conceive for 2.5 years and I have been diagnosed with PCOS and it has been a real struggle for me to get pregnant. I have been on Clomid for 8 cycles and nothing. I am now moving on to Letrozole which is usually used for post menopausal woman with breast cancer...but it has been known to cause ovulation. I hope that your tests come back + for pregnancy. Good Luck


Neena - June 27

Thanks Merlee and Brandy for the response. I am taking doctors help. but really good to know that there are people having similar problems. brandy i will check with my dr. about PCOS. thanks again.


Brandy - June 27

You are very welcome and I hope everything works out to your advantage.



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