No luck conceiving,getting worried
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Libby - October 5

Well first of all I am new to this site so I don't know for sure how it works.Here is my problem I have been pregnant 3 times,2m/c,1 son.Since my last m/c I have been trying for 10mnths no luck ! I know your supposed to wait a full yr. but I am so scared that something could be wrong.I've tried hitting my OV dys each mnth, still no luck.Every mnth I get so depressed when AF arrives,which is due in 2dys.Any one got any advice on something I could do to better my chances?I've tryied cough syrup,legs up and every BD position it still hasn't worked do you think something is wrong or I'm just getting impatient cause I never had trouble until this time and this time I'm trying.Any advice appreciated!


Cendy - October 5

Libby, I completely understand your flusterations. I have been TTC for over a year now for our third child and have had no luck. The last thing we tried was an HSG xray and found out that my fallopian tubes were blocked. So no matter how hard we tried the sperm could not get to where it needed to go. I am hoping now that we just had it done a week ago that we will have a better chance at getting pregnant. Have you had and HSG or been put on clomid to help with O? Are you seeing a feritlity doctor or a gynecologist? Are you temping and using OPKs? I suggest you do if you are not. Well, I don't know if I helped you are not, but I will be praying for you. BABY DUST!


Hi - October 5

Hang in there and relax. Baby dust to you.


Libby - October 6

Thanks you guys!No I haven't had any test done yet where I live they won't do anything for a complete year since I am only 30,but this month I am going to try the opk kit before I have been going by my CM which for me dosen't seem to reliable. AF is due tommorow don't feel any signs of her,but tested this morning BFN so she's on her way!Just reday to get this cycle over and hope for conception next one !Baby dust to all and may God less You with a healthy bundle of joy!!!!


to libby - October 6

hey Lily dont worry ,we all r in the same boat....even i am 30 getting older.. my doc told me that they wont do anything till 1 year as we r TTc only for 5 mths but then i said my doc i dont want to wait and i had all my tests done ,HSG... now my doc will give me clomid.. i hope it will work out for me. i know it so painful whenever AF arrives i cry dont talk with my frnds & hubby.....i think in ur case u had 2 m/c .. doc shud consider this & start treating u ASAP.As one of my frnd had M/c, doc told her to wait for 3 mths and she was on prenatal vitamins ... she got preg. after 6 mths... dont loose hope .GOD is there. He will listen to us one by one .....


pumkin - October 6

hi..I can understand your feeling..My wife m.c in June for our first baby..We were devasted..Now trying again for the first child at cycle #2 and nuthin happen so far..To make matter worse my sex drive is almost none..I never knew pregnant is so hard..and time is running out. :(



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