NO ferning on microscope?
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ANSWERS? - January 13

Hello everyone. So this being my second month TTC I went ahead and bought myself an Ovulite Microscope. My last af started on 12/31 so I should be ovulating now right (that is what I have read on some online calendars)??? Well, taking the test this morning and studying it very hard it shows that I am not "ferning" at all. What is up with this?
My last af was a weird one being late to start with and then about 3 days long and bright red, not too heavy of a flow with mass cramping on the first day for only 3 hours and then it went away. I took a test being late and it was BFN, so after having af obviously I didn't take one again. I don't feel any ovulation pains like I usually do, no signs of pregnancy from what I can tell, and I am "wet" but no real cm like I would usually have during ovulation. Any ideas or suggestions for me? Thanks and talk to you soon!


jg - January 15

I had a Maybe Baby microscope, and it didn't show ferning the day i thought i was ovulating, but it did the day after. I found it took a few more minutes to show than the instructions said. Not everyone ovulates on day 14 - maybe you ovulate on a different day? I wouldn't worry about any problems just yet if it is only month 2, monitor it over the next few months and see how you go.


sandra - January 16

hi there. I have been using the microscope for a few months now and not showing any ferning at all. I am now wondering if i am ovulating at all. This month I am going to use opk and microscope and see how I get on. Been ttc for 6 months now - i have two children already. If I dont have any luck soon I will think about charting my temperature. Doctors unkeen to try medication til I have been ttc for 1 year. I am 34 so feel time is running out. I also have no signs of ovulation - no cervical mucus or ovulation pain. Good luck, babydust



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