No BD for 2 weeks after HSG?
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Cloe - May 17

I read somewhere on the internet that you should refrain from sex for 2 weeks after an HSG to allow for healing or you could get infection? Is this true? I just had an HSG yesterday and my doctor never said a word about that, and usually he would be pretty quick to mention something like that. Of course I forgot to ask while I had the chance. I am hoping this is not the case because I also heard that many women get pregnant quickly after an HSG because the flow of the dye clears a nice path. It would be really nice to take advantage of this month, especially where its my first month without Clomid so I feel there is a chance I could still ovulate. Please help me anyone.


SashaP - May 17

My Dr told me to wait 24hrs and your fine after that. Did they put you on antibiotics?


Cloe - May 17

Thank you SashaP! No, they didn't put me on antibiotics, but I am allergic to so many of them that I don't take them unless I absolutely have to.


crystal74 - May 17

i agree with Sasha, my dr. said wait a few days and go for it


slowpoke01 - May 17

mine never said but i have read alot about it and i think most agree that 24 or 48 hours and then your fine


Cloe - May 18

Thank you everyone for all your responses, I guess it is safe to BD :)



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