no AF, very uncertain
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acklyn - December 5

my period skips about 2-3 times a year - wasn't really concerned until after 6 relentless months of trying to conceive, finally went to the doc - did some bloodwork and sonogram and found out I had pcos. After 4 cycles on clomid 50mg to which i was ovulating and 2 cycles on metformin 500mg - 2000mg(now back on 500mg of metformin-doc's orders) I finally had and HSG test done and found out that my left fallopian tube was blocked with adhesions (did test on 7th day of cycle in november - took a whole week to get the results which was around ovulation time) I was so depressed that I hardly wanted to make love - dh and I only did it about 1-2 times that cycle. I was supposed to have an IUI done this december cycle with clomid and the hcg shot, my period was due this thursday 1st but its now sunday 4th with still no sign of it - usually I start getting cramps and breast tenderness a whole week ahead before my af is to start but I didn't get anything. I am AFRAID to take a hpt in the event it says negative like all the other 2 dozen or so hpt's that I had used while ttc. I fear it might be another skiped af, but isn't metformin suppose to regulate your periods?
It hurts everyday to wake up and not see the beautiful baby that I so badly want to conceive sleeping peacefully in a bassinet next to the bed or not feel a baby kicking in my womb - Right now I would so gladly take the morning-sickness and all the pain of labor just to have that baby at the end of it all. My doc says my chances are high because I am young, but I done see my chances being high, I have been ttc 1 1/2 years now, I have pcos and to make matters worse I have a blocked tube on top of that. I am so tired of this frustration and don't know what to do, it hurts alot seeing other people with their babies...,
I am just so uncertain on my path to conception
Babydust to all...


acklyn - December 5

wow, didn't think my post would be so long.But I would really appreciate your input/support


Mega - December 5

Good luck, Acklyn. Hang in there. I hope you get that BFP this cycle. Please keep us posted! I'm thinking that anytime you have a change in your normal pre-AF symptoms that could be a very good sign. Of course, I'm thinking that this cycle b/c I usually have really sore bbs or nipples pre-AF & as of today I still really don't have much soreness there at all. My AF is due on Friday. It's tough, TTC with PCOS (I have that myself). But lots of women with it go on to conceive, we will too. Good luck. I hope AF continues to stay away. Babydust to you too!



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