No AF and no BFP -on clomid -please help
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Kara - November 22

I went to the dr. and got my blood hcg and it was negative. I got an u/s and no cysts, everything normal. No af and no bfp. This was my 4th round of clomid (last month no af or bfp, so dr. gave me meds to induce af and start clomid at a higher dose). Does anyone know what could be happening to me??? Any advice/information would be appreciated.


cw - November 23

kara i was on clomid for 2 months and it didnt do anything for me at all. i have onlyhad 4 af's since feb and they have all been induced by provera. the clomid didnt even help me O. i have my day 21 test on friday to see if the femara has could try asking your doctor if you can switch to femara. i heard that it works on some women better then clomid. hope this helps


Kara - November 23

Thanks for the advice. I will ask about Femara. Maybe my body just got used to the clomid?


hay - November 23

hi i was on clomid i never use to have periods i would go 4 or 5 months but when i took clomid the first two moths nothing but then i was every 28 days how gud was that


b - November 23




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