NO AF....all tests BFN
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worried - November 17

Hello everyone...I just dont know what to think of my body at this point! me and DH have been ttc for over 1 year. Normally AF is right on time every month.. with much disappointment. This month I am 6 days late.Which has never happened. But all tests are BFN! been feeling crampy for a few days and nothing happens. Has this happened to anyone else? I wonder if something is wrong. Think I should make appointment or wait and see...soooo confusing and heart breaking. Baby dust to all...


Mega - November 17

I'd make an appt. as soon as possible. Ask for a beta test. Not to give you false hope, but sometimes urine tests don't pick up hcg as fast as blood tests. There have been some women who are indeed pregnant but the HPT doesn't pick up the hormone until way into the first trimester. The fact that you're pretty regular makes me think there's still that possiblity for you that you are pg & the test just isn't picking it up. Some women just don't produce as much hcg as others. Good luck! I hope this is your month. Keep us posted. And definitely get a blood test as soon as possible.


molly - November 17

I agree with mega, sometimes the urine tests doent pick up the hcg in your urine. I also have been ttc for 11 months. I have always been regular, last february af stopped and i done like a hundred tests that were all BFN. after 2 missed af i finally got a + urine test. the dr couldnt really explain it but i was pregnant, they thought that maybe i actually ovualted later that month than usual. unfortunately that pregnancy ending in m/c at 14 weeks. after that m/c i had a reguklar af 4 weeks later and then nothing for 4 months. i had to actually take provera to start my period. I wish you all the luck and baby dust, keep positive you never know!! take care


worried - November 17

Thanks Mega and Molly, I will call and make apt today. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is the month. I will keep you informed on what the situation is. Thanks again... Baby dust to all.


Anna - November 17

To worried:all my urine tests and blood test came back negative weeks after I got PG. My md kept telling me I wasn't PG, but I was all along. I, also, had cramping, bloating, and feeling that af was going to start, but nothing. I felt like this for about a month into my pregnancy. Your hCG levels can be very low early in pregnancy that a normal HPT won't pick up the hormone. You should get a blood test and if neg., wait another week or two and have another one done if no af. Mine hCG level was only 2 about three weeks after concieving. If my md had insisted on another blood test about a week or so later, it would have shown up. You don't want to start on any meds or do other stuff unless you know 100% your not PG. I'm now almost 4 1/2 months pregnant and still can't believe it sometimes! Good luck and I hope you have good news coming your way! *baby dust* :)


ahava uk - November 17

yes, this happened to me twice . I am usually pretty regular give or take a few days, but then i missed not one but two periods...? what on earth? and i had a bfn. It righted itself though. Some say its your body trying to get pregnant, and you may of had a chemical pregnancy, or its just down to stress/ and a blip....

if you have missed 2 cycles, then the docs do blood tests for you. (in uk) ...
GOOD LUCK GIRLFRIEND , im sure like me it will work for us soon x


worried - November 17

Thanks for all the support.I have made a appt. So Next Tues I should know whats happening. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is the month. I am 41 and just hope the Dr doesnt say its menopause! I will totally die! But hope and prayers is what I am hanging on to. Once again, Thanks everyone and baby dust to all and to others a happy heathly baby..


molly - November 17

to worried...good luck with your appointment, ill be keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you. keep us posted and keep positive. baby dust to all


worried - November 19

well ladies....another month with disapointment...With my hopes up high I was really wishing this was the it.. But AF decided to rain on my parade this morning ( boo hoo). But am still going to my appt on Tues. Have to find out whats wrong with my baby making machine. Something is amiss...Anyway, thanks ladies for your support and I will keep you posted on what the out come is..Baby dust to every one!


kotkot - November 21

hey worried .. same happening with me , i am 2 dats late (never happens on a clomid cycle , especially that iam ovulating) ..WISH U LUCK ON UR APPOINTMENT! i like the baby making machine phrase!


worried - November 22

Well, another month that was non productive. Went to dr today. Have to take all kinds of blood tests. Wont know whats all wrong until the end of year. Last test will be progesterone and that test will be ran on the 16th of Dec. Man!!! so there will be another month thats a bust. Starting to get frustrated now....... Maybe by the first of the new year I will know whats going on....How I hate the wait. Well, as always I will keep posted on the findings...Baby dust to all!!



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