Night Sweating
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AmaSmith - June 4

Hi All!!

I am currently 12DPO and am wondering for night sweats could be a sign of pregnancy. I had one day of spotting on CD7 which I would think it could have been implantation bleeding. My BBT went triphasic on CD25 ... I'm currently on CD30 right now.

Anyways, for the past four nights I have been waking up drenched in sweat not just in the morning but through out the night too. Even DH has noticed. He ALWAYS puts his arm under my neck when we go to sleep and it usually stays there most of the night. Last night and the night before he said that he had to roll over to the other side of the bed for a while just to dry off ... GROSS I KNOW ... but last night he said that when he rolled back over to me that I was on FIRE!! I'm not running a fever or anything. I didn't take a test hiis morning but I did yesterday ... BFN ... I'm thinking about testing again in the morning. I have a FRER test this time. I've had a steady temp for the last three mornings. I'm thinking that if my temp is still the same or higher that I might test again. Now if it goes down ... I don't know if I'll test or not.

Sorry this is so long but does anyone know if the night sweating could be a sign?? I've also had a pretty nervous stomach lately as well. With BMs and vomiting (only twice) and constant nausea. I've also had tender nipples and BAD heartburn.

Please ... Please any thoughts or advice would be helpful.

Amanda 12DPO

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AmaSmith - June 10

UPDATE ****** I was pregnant!!

But the sad news it tht I had a chemical pregnancy.


soimpatient - June 10

Oh AmaSmith. I'm so sorry. I hope that you are doing okay and I hope that you will see your bundle of joy soon.


slowpoke01 - June 10

ama sorry to hear about the bad news hope you get your bfp soon keep us posted



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