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Melissa - April 26

Well, I had my followup with my doctor today to review the results of the u/s. It seems I do have a cyst on my right ovary. She said it's one that will disapate on it's own though. But she also gave me a bit of good news besides it being able to go away on my own. The u/s showed an egg in my left ovary ready to be released. It's kinda funny because I thought I was ovulating, but didn't think it was possible since my last period was 2/23. Anyways, I am. (yeah!) I told her that the previous months I only had really thick creamy d/c, but Saturday I had that then Sunday and Monday I had really thin clear sticky (like snot - sorry to be gross). She said that clear is actually the ovulation and that I probably wasn't ovulating in previous months due to the cyst. Which, that gave a great bit of hope because it doen't mean I'm infertile (and we know it's not my hubby since we already have 1). But, she also mentioned that I should take a pt in 2 weeks. If it still - then she is going to start me on progesterone (simply to make me have a period). She also mentioned that clomid would not be necessary because I am ovulating on my own (another piece of good news). I have a new found hope again. :-)


Melissa to Milissa - April 26

You have a very beautiful family! How old did you say your son is?


Milissa to melissa - April 26

Thank You very much! My son is 2 1/2 he will be 3 in june.. WOW" what good news! well as you read I sure you seen that I 'm ovulating? Can't explain it... But hubby and I did the deed last night.. I think I just caught it!!! so lets hope. Melissa I hope you are getting busy" hha hhe.. good luck to you hope you have a great day" (((hugs))) miss


Milissa to the girls - April 27

Hi ladys, good to talk to ya... Well I have done some research and taking a opk can pick pick up hcg, some doctors may use them because they are way more sencitive! now like I said I swear I already ovulated!! so i'll wait till friday to take a test????


Melissa - April 27

That is funny Milissa! My son turns 3 in Aug. We did the deed last night and Monday. It was funny because my doctor wrote my husband a prescription to "spend quality time with your wife". He laughed. I have a question though. Even if an opk picks up hcg don't you have to be preg to be producing it?


Milissa to melissa - April 27

Yes you have to be pregnant" What I was trying to say is I very well could be? Because I believe I Ovulated on the 14th of april!! This did not make sense to me even my chart is off the wall" so the opk could be picking up a pregnancy? So I might be 13 dpo? Only time will tell....


Melissa - April 27

When are you going to test again?


Milissa to melissa - April 27

Maybe friday?????


Melissa - April 28

Let us know. I'm keeping you in my prayers.


Milissa - April 28

Thank You melissa! I hope fingers crossed...that it is +........


Melissa to Milissa - April 29

Have you tested yet?


Milissa to melissa - May 1

I took another opk and it was + again, so either it is picking up hcg or I have alot of lh? I have beeb spotting not much just some on a panty liner, cramps bloated..likeI'm on AF but no blood? she was supposed to be here Friday...I will wait till monday? thanks melissa any luck with you????????


Amy - May 2

Hello everyone. I hope you all do not mind me wanting to a part of the conversation. I have just been trying to get some information and have had no luck at all. First of all, i used to be on the depo shot. My last shot was september of last year. Ever since, when i started having my period again in january, they have all been irregular. I would bleed two days heavy, stop one day and repeat like that, then i would even bleed heavy for just a few hours aday. Well, My husband and i have had unprotected sex quite a few times. All but once, he ejaculated in me. The once, he pulled out. Anyhow, For the past week and a half to two weeks, I have been feeling different. I have had slightly tender breasts, feeling sick to my stomach but not throwing up, more frequent headaches, more moody than normal, some pain in my lower abdomen plus a little weird feeling also like fuzzy feeling, and also for the past week and a half to two weeks, i bleed much lighter then i had before and it was also with a brownish color. Now, i am not bleeding at all. I took a pregnance test friday morning which was april 29th. It came up negative. I just feel like the test was wrong but i am not sure. Could it just be in my head? or could the test really be wrong? I am thinking about calling the health clinic tomorrow. Do you think i should or do you think if after i explain my situation, they will think i am stupid? I hope someone can help me. i am really clueless right now. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you all and take care.


Melissa to Milissa - May 2

That is very uplifting news! You're still in my prayers! :-) In fact I wondered about you this morning. No news for me yet. I haven't tested though. I don't think I'll be able to test and get a real result until next week (one more week isn't too long just stressful). But, I wonder if something (maybe a/f) is going on. My nipples (not the whole breast) have been SO sore the past couple of day (like somebody ran sandpaper over them). Other than not everything normal. It's kinda weird though because my last a/f was Feb 23 and I've now missed 2 my first was supposed to start around the 26th of March, and my second should have started the 26th of April. Anyway, please keep me informed.


Melissa to Amy - May 2

Hi Amy. Have you missed your period yet? I was just wondering because I used to get pregnancy like symptoms with my periods so, all the tell tell signs were not my indicators with my first. It was morning sickness. Also, do you know when you ovulated? And, how far after did you test?


Amy to Melissa - May 2

I honestly do not know. Since i have not got back on the shot, my period has been irregular. What i do know about that though, is anytime i did bleed which was often it would be heavy. But the past week and a half or so it was light and brownish. i did not bleed any yesterday at all and so far not today. If i remember correctly, i did not bleed at all on friday or saturday either. So, the last time i bleed was on thursday, april 28th, but it was very light and kind of brownish. Which, that is how it was for the past week and a half or so. I do not know how exactly to tell if i am ovulating or not. I sound stupid don't i? I am sorry. I have had one child already. He is 3 years old now. i thought that after having him, if i got pregnant again, i would just know. you know? Ok. i know that in the past month and a half, my husband and i have had unprotected sex quite a few times. I did not keep up with dates on when we did except for two. One was on wednesday april 20th. the other was only on april 29th. But i have been feeling like the symptoms for the past week and a half or so. The feeling i got in my lower abdomen was a little hard for me to explain. a fuzzy kind of feeling i guess. like a little pulling. When i woke up this morning, which was not too long ago, i was having some slight pains. i went to the bathroom right away to see if i was bleeding or not. i wasn't. but i did have a little discharge. i guess that is what you would call it. The test i took was on friday morning, april 29th. I just do not know what to think. Am i pregnant or is it just something that is in my head? I hope i gave you enough info. i am sorry that i can not tell when i am ovulating and all that. i believe i mentioned this already in the other part i wrote, but the last depo shot i got was september of last year, and i did not start getting my period back until january. kinda long time huh? IF i was to find out i am pregnant, i would not be upset. i have wanted another baby for a while now. Now, that is why i ended up getting off the shot. I am sorry i did not mention that earlier. Thank you melissa for your reply. I do appreciate it.



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