Nickname the Zygote
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trixiebee - February 1

Each month I tend to have a significant anniversary, date, event, etc. around conception time. A trip to Cancun, the anniversary of our bid Round the World Trip....etc.. Each month ends without a babe, but we'll keep trying! This next round O day falls on Valentine's Day. (cute!)-----------------------------------
So in the spirit of counting my chickens before they hatch... let's nickname this pending zygote!
Heart? Love? Cupid?


Tracy88 - February 1

Wasn't Venus the goddess of Love? I think that's befitting of Valentine's day. In Finland, where my family originates, they don't name the baby until a few months after it's born, so they can learn the personality and celebrate "Name Day".....anyway, my cousin named her baby Venus until she officially named her on Name Day. I thought that was cute.


RainbowBJW - February 5

How about Lil Bundle O' Love.



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