Next step after HSG
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Joyce - December 21

What is the next step after having an HSG that doesn't show blockage??


JMD - December 21

Hi Joyce. For me the next step was having my husband complete his test and because I knew I wanted to do IUI, I started the meds with my next cycle.


Joyce - December 21

Hi JMD: by having your husband complete his test - what does that mean. My dh already went for his semen analysis and was fine. What is IUI. What meds did you start? thanks


JMD - December 21

My husband went in for lab work as well as semen analysis. IUI - intra-uterine insemination. I started clomid on day 4 of my cycle for 5 days, on cycle day 10 I took 150 mg follistism and a hcg shot on day 12 and I had an IUI on cycle day 14. I'm in the two week wait now. The meds are to control ovulation and to ensure mature eggs.


reply - December 21

My doc said he wanted to test in this order: SA, Hormone levels ( prog) , HSG, Laparoscopy.


Joyce - December 21

To "reply", looks like my doctor is going in the same direction. What is laparoscopy?


Mega - December 21

A laparoscopy is a surgical procedure where they cut you open around the bikini line, just a couple tiny incisions & fill your abdomen with gas so they can stick a camera called a laparoscope inside & look around. Basically checks for blockages, endo adhesions, scarring & stuff like that. You're under anthesia the whole time. I haven't had one yet but I think it's the next step for me as well. My dr wants to try 1 more IUI cycle after this one & if that one doesn't work either then we'll schedule a lap.


medi12 - December 21

Like Mega said, they go in looking for scarring , adhesions, etc... they burn the adhesions with a laser and cut out any blockages ( polyps, cysts, etc) I am scheduled for my LAP on Jan 4th. . . . so I can fill in with all the details later.


Joyce - December 21

Thanks girls. Good luck medi12.



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