Newmommy - I know your frustrations too
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Sann - June 24

Hi Newmommy : ) Thank so much for responding : ) Sorry : ) login problem, can't continue writing on the original thread. I hear you ... these long cycles are driving me nuts too. We are kind of in the same shoes except I'm 10 year older. And being 10 years older my hormones are probably more wacked than yours, I sure yours will get back to normal very soon. When I mc (due to no fetal heart beat) end Aug05, I had a D&C too. Almost 7 months since ttc#1 again ... no luck yet. How many cycles did your gynae suggest you wait before ttc again? Have you gone back for a fellowup? Depending how far along you were with the previous pregnancy, the pg hormones may still lingering. And with a D&C done, it usually take a little longer for the uterus lining to heal before ttc again.That's what my gynae said. Well, it's cd53 for me, no af, hpt -ve and having pg symptons. My gynae suggested to do opk test, teated and I got an extremely faint line. It's either ov is really late or it's the "shadow line", got to test again tonight. I sure you're in a better state than I am : ) My cycles are usually 35days + - a few. Thanks again for responding. If you like you can join us on the "Cycle Friend ... TTC 2007 Babies" thread too. We may be a little older and have a slightly different set of concerns, that doesn't matter : ) What matters ... we are all ttc#1too : ) Best of luck and baby dusts to you. TTYL


newmommy - June 25

Thanks for the reply. I m/c for the same reason--no heartbeat, and stopped growing. My OB/GYN suggested waiting 3 cycles, but said 2 would be fine. I had a follow-up appt. a week or so after the D&C, but nothing since. I had some bloodwork done a few weeks ago thought, to make sure no pregnancy hormones were still present---they're definitely gone. I took a urine preg. test tonight just to be sure---BFN! So we're back to just waiting for AF. Oh---and I'm pretty sure this time around when I was o'ing--lots of ewcm. That was at least 3 weeks ago! Anyway, I'll quit rambling! :-) Thanks again---I'll check out the other thread.



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