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LNRV06 - September 27

Starting in earnest - any advice on ovulation tests? Any good online tools or calendars? What's your best value (I'm extremely obsessive - this will become a sport - so it needs to be affordable)! Please, let me know what you recommend!


MelissaV - September 27

Try temperature charting---it won't tell you when you are going to ovulate, but you'll learn a lot about your cycle. Check ou for free online charting.


LNRV06 - September 27

Thanks, just bought a BTM after m/c last week. Luckily, it was very early (6 wks) so I'm ready to get going again... Want to try charting for a cycle or two... I'll check the calendar out.


MollieJo - September 27

For ovulation prediction kits, I would use the Answer brand. It is pretty easy to read (show nice purple lines) and only about $20. I had trouble with the generic brands. They never showed positive for me even though the Answer brand did. ClearBlue Easy is not that great either. The lines are hard to read and it was $30.


JerseyGirl - September 27

I, too, use Answer for OPK. MollieJo's right: for about $20, you get 30 days worth of (strip) tests, which means you can start testing right after your period ends. Plus, I had some left over from the previous month, and even though it was past the 30-day mark, used them again this month, and got my + exactly the day I thought I would. Now, I'm in my 2ww hoping to get a BFP from a pregnancy test in early October. Good luck!


HeatherP - September 27

I agree with using! It has been such a help to me since I also had a m/c and obsess about everything from temperatures to cervical position. Plus you can view a million different pregnancy charts and obsess! It has definitely become a second job for me. Hehehe! Good luck and lots of baby dust to everyone!!



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