newly diagnosed with endometriosis
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Holli - July 21

I am 22 years old and just had my second laparoscopy and am diagnosed with stage 2 endometriosis. I am very concerned about being able to have children, my husband wants to wait but I am scared to. I just want someone out there who is experiencing the same thing to talk to, I have already had ovarian cysts in the past and now this. I just would really like some insight and maybe encouragement...I can't imagine not being able to be a mommy.


To Holli - July 22

Your situation is identical to mine! I had to 2 laparoscopys and stage 2 endo was found on the 2nd op. I also had cysts on the ovaries and also have PCOS. I was put on clomid and then on zoladex - so 1 year of treatment and now my gyno said my hormones are perfect, im ovulating perfect and the endo gone! So we have officially started trying again. We are very optimistic that we will fall pregnant soon. All i can tell you is, I completely understand how you feel. I was so depressed as I thought, ok, the cysts are gone now endo! How could this happen! I was an emotional wreck! It took 6 years for a gyno to finally pick up why I wasn't feeling right, why I was getting pain. I would speak to your doc about your concerns and if your not happy with what he tells you, keep going to one that you feel completely comfortable with and can trust with your feelings. Nothing worse than finding a doc that has no compassion and understanding. I know this is a hard time at the moment but you will become a mother just try and stay positive, be thankful that they found the endo early enough to fix. Great things are coming your way now Holli! Keep the faith! xx


kc - July 22

I too have been diagnosed with endo. When I was ttc my first daughter at age 27, it was difficult 2 years with 2 mc. The doc did a lap. and found the problem and cleared it. 6 months later I got pg. He told me that after a pregnancy the problem usually does not come back. I am now 33 ttc for baby # 2 we have been trying for 15 months now with a mc in April. I go back to the doc in Oct. if not pg. I'm crossing my fing. I don't have it back again. I am showing no symptoms Heavy irregular cycles, long af (20 days) and lots of pain during cycle. Although I did not have any pain I did have the heavy long cycles. You can get pg I would talk to your dh and explain to him with you condition it may take years to conceive. The longer you wait the more difficult it will be. However, I would wait until you are both ready. Having a baby does put stress (good and sometimes bad) on a marriage. My dh and I were together 10 years before we both were ready. You can get pg. There are so many advances in med. you chances are good.


Holli - July 22

thank you both so much...i have talked to my husband and he is very overwhelmed right now, as am I...I want to explain to him what is happening to my body so he will understand, but have not found many good articles or webpages. I would really appreciate any suggestions...I feel like maybe if he understands better what is happening with my body then we might understand each other better. thank you both for your posts, i definitely took them to heart. I know no one in my stage of life with endo (as in, no children yet)...take care of yourselves, keep the faith and thank you for restoring some of mine!
love Holli


merlee - July 22

Holli, try the web site It has so much info.



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