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Mel - May 25

Good morning girls. How is everybody?


Milissa - May 25

good Morning Mel :) I am very tired this morning? I could not get up" I acually had to role out of bed..with my son saying come on mom I want to go down stairs and please some cereal"...I don't understand why I'm so tired in the morning's and all day? Hows your morning at work???


Crystal - May 25

Good Morning Everyone! How is everybody doing? I am good. Just playing the waiting game. Today is cd 7. Two more days of clomid and then waiting again for cd21. Then waiting for af. lol I hate to wait.


Joby - May 25

Hey girls, just popping in to say 'Hi!'. I'm in the UK & it's afternoon here & I've just finished work. DH is out watching the football tonight, so think I'll have some me time & do my nails & things!! Have a good day xx


Mel - May 25

I am tired also. It sucks. They have the heat on in our building so I'm sitting here at my computer trying not to fall asleep. How are you feeling today Milissa?


Mel - May 25

Hey Crystal. I am now in the 2ww. I o'd yesterday. Cervix is already low and closed again (crazy I know). So, we'll see.


Crystal - May 25

Mel> This is gonna sound stupid but how do you check your cervix and what does it mean when it feels different ways? I am using opks but that is it. I should ovulate this weekend sometime.


Mel - May 25

Hey Crystal. That doesn't sound stupid. I didn't know until I was unable to conceive this time (and you would think after 1 baby you would know). However, I found this site that was VERY helpful Anyways, to check you insert a finger. For my high, it's about a finger length up. For my low, I can feel it when my fingers inserted at about 1 knuckle. Check out the website, it provides all kinds of details.


Crystal - May 25

Mel> Thanks Mel. Do any of you girls watch American Idol?


Mel - May 25

I'm having some slight cramping in my ovaries (mostly left). Wonder what it means. Crystal, is this normal with clomid after o?


Crystal - May 25

Mel> I had cramping during ovulation but I didnt have any after ovulation. Hope this helps.


Jill - May 25

Hey Mel, I talked to my doctor about my left ovary hurting and he said that it's normal. With the Clomid stimulating them, they start to get sensitive.


Mel - May 25

Thanks. It's just a slight cramp, and I did only o yesterday. So, I was just wondering.


Mel - May 26

Good morning girls! Hope everybody is good. It seems we haven't heard from a few people in a while and I'm just wondering about them. I haven't seen Christina or Rebecca for a couple days. I know Nicola has a hard time getting on while she's working but have you heard from her Milissa?


milissa - May 26

Hello :)- NO I have not heard from Nicola...I have e-mailed her but nothing...Who Knows?


milissa - May 26

Man I am so SNAPPY lately....My husband said I have been being a Bitch? he asked me what is your problem... I really don't know why"..erritated is what I feel.



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