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Lucky717 - August 17

Hi Ladies! What an amazing site. It is so great to see how supportive you are to one another.

I am new to all of this and need some clarification. All the acronyms are hard to deciper. What is BD, DH, AF,? What do they stand for?

Also can anyone explain how to use Robitussin and asprin in conjunction with Clomid? How much to take and when? Thanks for your help. =)


hopefulljules - August 17

I can't help with the medication questions, but BD is baby dance (intercourse) and DH is dear husband and AF is aunt flow (period) I hope this helps some, and WELCOME TO THE SITE!!!


Mega - August 17

Hi Lucky. Yes, welcome! I'm glad you've found this site. I've been posting here for over a year now & the support has been wonderful. So needed! I can help you on the meds questions. Robitussin is used to thin out CM (Cervical Mucus). Ironically Clomid tends to make you dry down there and you need the most fertile type of CM to get pg, called EWCM or Egg White CM b/c it looks like egg whites. Be sure you use the plain old Robitussin (with Guaifenesin only), that's also the one type of Robitussin that's proven safe during pg too. Start taking it 4 or 5 days preceding O (Ovulation), up to the day you O. Take a teaspoon full 2 to 3 times a day. Aspirin, & it has to be low dose so called baby aspirin (81 mgs) is taken AFTER you O, 1 pill a day, to help aid in implantation. Be sure to stop it a couple of days before you expect AF though. HTH! (Hope this Helps).



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