Newbise here :O)
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Candy :O) - November 7

Hi all...I've been lurking here for a while, I just love to see how everyone is doing. Anywho...I'm 30 yrs old and have 2 children, Chris (7) and Savannah (4). When I had Savannah I decided to get my tubes tied because my marriage was failing and I didn't think anyone else would want me; well I am now with someone and we want a baby. I go Dec 1st for my pre-op appt.and the dr. is going to go in and see what he can do about reversing my tubes...wish me luck! I hope to join the "waiting game" by atleast Feb. Thanks for reading if ya got this :O)


Candy :O) - November 7

I meant's late, can't type


T - November 7

Good luck and baby dust!


Char - November 7

Good luck Candy! Please let us know how you make out. I hope that everything goes well for you. It would be nice to see another success on here. It's basically been one at a time, hope you can 'hop on the baby train' easily with your reversal -you're still young....



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