newbies seeking a BFP!!!!!
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waiting-4-my-angle - August 20

Well lasies AF showed up this morning. I spotted all day yesterday which is wierd, but she found her way! Oh well maybe another month. So how is everybody else doing? diem are you in the 2ww? Well i am just so pissed about AF!!! Oh well I hope one of you that is in the 2ww will have a BFP. Sending****BABY DUST****


diem - August 20

Waiting....Sorry to hear about Af. Yes I am just a few days in the 2ww. I really hate the wait.


Lucky717 - August 20

Diem - Hang in there and yes think positive! My fingers and toes are crossed for all of us on this board that we will start a new thread titled FINALLY A BFP. =) I am wishing off AF from all of us. My hot flashes have seemed to subside. I am just way to bloated. Aug. 28th I go for my bloodwork to see if my progesterone levels are ablve 10. When they first tested me last month they were a 3. Pray for lots of Progesterone. Good luck girls!!! Thanks for being so wonderful.


newmommy - August 20

Well, I'm officially out---AF showed up last night. I didn't have a whole lot of hope, but still......bummer. The good news is that she actually came by herself, and I didn't have to take provera. It was cd39! I'm ready for a new start. Facing some upcoming BD challenges: my husband is working in Seattle now, and I'm still at home here in central WA. He'll be there Mon-Thurs, coming home Thurs night. So I guess our BD schedule will be Thurs, Fri and Sun for this upcoming cycle. Hoping I don't o on a Wed---I'm afraid I'll miss the chance!!! DIEM---good luck in the 2ww!


waiting-4-my-angle - August 21

Diem good luck in the 2ww, maybe you will be our first. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Well ladies good luck sending *****BABY DUST*******


waiting-4-my-angle - August 21

I was sitting here thinking and I just want to thank you all for being here. I try to talk to my friends about this but they all have baby's and just don't know what I am going through. I am so glad that I have you guys to vent, and talk to you. So THANKS SO MUCH LADIES!!!


diem - August 21

tick...tick...tick....time could not be passing ANY SLOWER at this point!!!
Lucky...good luck on your progesterone testing!
Newmommy.....ugh...the dreaded AF!!! sorry to hear about it. I know how you feel. I wish that we knew as soon as we o if we conceived or not...and if not that we'd get AF right away so that we eliminate the 2ww LOL!!!
Waiting....Thank you for the nice comments...I feel as you do. I'm very glad I have such wonderful ladies to vent with and get support from. Sometimes the men just don't understand! I am going to say DITTO on Waiting-4-my-angel's coments!

Could the 2ww BE any slower????????????????????


diem - August 21 I'm sitting here at my house...I was hoping that the air would be working by now. They have been working since 10 am and it's not 7pm. They won't be finished for another hour or two......GOSH I'M SOOOOO READY FOR AIR ALREADY!!!!.
My boobs have started to get sore today. However, it happens ever so often in my cycle. I wish that the pg symptoms were different from the AF symptoms then we'd know for sure. THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!


Lucky717 - August 21

Diem - I am keeping my fingers crossed that AF does not rear her ugly head. Stay positive. Waiting - I know what you mean about other people understanding. My best friend was ok if she didn't have kids. She is 35 and just decided to come off the pill. Wham! she gets pg right away. I gave her a shower last weekend and that was sooooooo hard! I wanted to cry so many times. I was strong and stayed busy. Hang in there girls. We will be such good mommies when we are finally blessed with our little angels. Baby Dust and God's grace to you all. =)


newmommy - August 22

Diem---stay strong in the 2ww! That would be nice---instant notification of pregnancy! BD at night, wake up, and test! That would be great--of course, then we'd all just end up staying up all night every time we'd BD!!! And I cannot believe your a/c isn't fixed yet--yuck! Lucky---that must have been hard going through the shower after it happened so quickly for your friend. I haven't had to deal with that yet, luckily. Hang in there. Waiting---my thoughts, exactly. My DH thinks I'm nuts with all the conceiving "lingo," charts, timing, etc. And I don't think anyone else fully knows how this hurts, wanting a baby so much. You all do. We will all eventually switch from the "ttc girls" to "BFP gang!" It would be nice to all go through the whole process together. Babydust!!!


Lucky717 - August 22

New Mommy - Thanks for the kind words. Yes it was so difficult hosting a shower for my best girlfriend. I love her to pieces but it was rough to have to face it all.

Does anyone ever get angry when you see pregnant women? Do you ever feel shortchanged? I am sooooo there right now. I am so tired of hearing about my friends children, seeing others with adorable babies and sitting with a fake smile everytime someone in my office announces that they are prego. It's tough. I feel like this is the Clomid taking over right now. Just wanted to see if anyone else experienced these feelings. Take care everyone and best of luck to you.
Diem - I pray your A/C works. I get super bitchy when I am hot. Hang in there sister. =)


diem - August 22

I HAVE AC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I awoke this morning with covers on. It was superb!

Lucky I know how you feel. I feel the same way. Our teen parent coordinator came to our school today....called down all of the TEEN parents. Our entire guidance office was filled with teenage pregnant bellies and sad faces. I just wanted to SCREAM....why them and not me? UGH!!!!!!


diem - August 22

Newmommy I just re-read your response. LOL about the BDing!!!


Lucky717 - August 22

Hi ladies! Well today I feel pretty moody still. It's cd14 for me. I noticed a little bit of cm but not enough to make me think I might have O'ed yet.

Diem - Thank goodness you have AC again! I am soooo glad you are able to escape the heat. =) How are you feeling? I know you are in the 2ww and it's tough seeing all those prego teens. I was driving home from work today thinking what is it that I am supposed to learn from all this heartache? It's so baffling at times.

Newmommy - I definitely agree with you as far as instant notification goes. What's up with having to sweat it out for 2 whole weeks?!?!?

To all that are bding this week good luck!!! To all that are in the 2ww I am praying for you. To all that are having to start another cycle I am praying this is your last and you will see a BFP!!!!! Hugs to all!!!


diem - August 22

OK, so right now I'm feeling a bit depressed. I was feeling positive earlier....but am soooo afraid to be dissapointed once again. I really don't FEEL prego. Don't women usually get some kind of " FEELING" when they are. I am "FEELING" that I missed the boat. My boobs are only feeling a wee bit sore. I am only 4 DPO but still! When I was prego 4 years ago and had a miscarriage (which was an accidental pregnancy UGH!) My boobs hurt soooo bad the week AF was due that I couldn't exercise. I never mentioned that my earlier pregnancy (miscarriage) was the result of a one shot...didn't know I was ovulating...just met my bf (now DH) deal. I was actually kind of releaved (but still devestated) as I had only 1 year left of my masters program and I just started dating my then BF now DH. How IRONICis it that we are having probs getting pregnant now huh? Anyway, I remember that feeling when I found out I was PG and I just felt different but right now I just feel like my normal self. I don't feel tired anymore (think I was just tired last weekend). I also measured my waist today...BIG MISTAKE!!!!! I've gained 3 inches in the last 3 years....but still weigh the same!!! HOW DEPRESSING! I am only 5 foot tall so ANY weight gain or gain in inches looks very magnified on my body. SOMEDAY I can attribute the inches to something speacial ( a baby)...but right now its just from overeating and too much wine LOL!!!
On a lighter note.....when I got home from work today it was a cool 75 degrees in my house as apposed to the hot 90 it has been. YAY!


Lucky717 - August 23

Just want to bump us up....Baby Dust to you all and lots of healthy follies!!!!



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